children nail parties - what age???


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May 25, 2003
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hi everyone

hope your all well :D

im considering adding these young girl nail parties to my services what age would you recommend putting tham from-till? Also does anyone actually find that they make a good profit from these parties??

thanks guys :D
Well I don't think that 3 year olds would be interested.
I think a Blue Peter party would be more there stuff lol

But I wouldn't put an age limit on that, if a parent asks for it then it's because the little Darling Daughter has shown an interest.........
I think flexibilty is the key here, adjust the party menu to the childrens ages...............................
Hope this makes sense
love Ruth xxxx
I know a friend's salon does kids "days" (usually sunday) they buy some balloons and the kids come and have a great time then go away with cheapie nail stuff in a party bag. It can be quite lucrative.

My sister used to have a business doing fingers & toe nails aswell as make-up for the little darlings. Again, they used to give them party bags with goodies in, and it was a a good money spinner with little outlay. ;)

The only thing i can say is try it out...if you cant handle the little people then discontinue the service.

Good luck

Nicolajane x
How do you keep all the other 'little darlings' occupied whilst you do the nails of a particular child? :?
Hi Sharon,

well usually theyre bopping away to some music! ideally you take with you another person or use one of the mum's to keep the rest occupied. if your doing feet, one of them can also have theyre feet in a footspa too. Also if you have a brochure/catalogue of nail art designs, you find they all look through it to see what they want. its great fun! ;)

nic x
Hi Nic,

I think I will have a 'trial run' at home with my daughter Lauren's friends, they are all 9 and love the designs I do on Lauren :D
How much should I charge per girl (not for the trial run) and do you think I should make them a 'goodie bag' to take home?

Oh and I just should I word my advert?
hi sharon

they love goody bags... but charge extra for them. If you go to one of the local wholesalers you can get the little ladybird make-up and polishes very cheap or even from your local market.

i cant remember how much they charged for them, i think there was a minimum charge applied though. Depends also on what you include...balloons, banners, streamers, party poppers, karaoke machine, rhinstones included?, fun cameras, etc... you can tailor make the parties to suit the individual.

as for the advert i cant find ours cos it was on my laptop, but ihavent saved it to the main computer :? your gonna have to get creative!!! our was something on the line of Angels....heavenly make-up and nail art parties! and then include the service you are offering. just needs to be costed out really hun, depends on what product your using and of course the time it takes for you to do it!

good luck anyway...they really are fun

nic x
hi i do nail art parties... not really for profit... for fun... but i give them all a goody bag ( alittle organza bag with a mini polish a keyring file some sweets and hair bobbles in .. also my card to give their mum) thats who i'm trying to target.
i charge 5.95 if they all get a bag and 3.95 if only birthday girl gets one. they have a mini manicure, clean nail cuticle work and shape. then nail art
you have to kinda wing this if someone calls for a 12 year do it if someone calls for a hen night of middle aged women do it,.. make sure you have a supply of cards/pricelists
the adults bag differs ie they get a small file/ a satchet of hand cream and a cuti oil
with it being school fete time - im doing lots of nail art days at them and i take a big wadge of nail art party postcards and the girls queuing grab them and say im getting my mum to let me have this... their mums are releived cos i know i always got stuck for party ideas when they get past the face painting age.
have i waffled... soz just wing it. and go for it.. it all helps promote your business
Thanks for the advice ladies. One question...where do you get the organza bags from? Do you make or buy them?
hi i searched and searched for pretty bags and found plenty from manufactureres but all had a min order of 100 popunds upwards.
found a little co called craft time and i got them from there they do different sizes and 12 colours (5 sizes)
from 59p to 1.98 each no min order
tel no is 0800 4588930 or
Hi all!

I also do childrens parties....usually on a Sunday. Ive had kids as young as 3! believe it or not!!!!!

We also have balloons, nibbles and a wee goody bag to take home with sweets and cheap nail stuff in it!!!

I pesonally quite enjoy it, but my staff hate them!!! :x

All you ever hear is "excuse me I've smudged my glitter again!!" :evil: :evil: :!: :!:

But all that aside...I'd definately go for it!

Good luck
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