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Aug 7, 2003
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sudbury suffolk

I love my brands and i saw on the front cover of professional nails a model wearing Dior Nails

Where can i get some :p :p :p

Must have those pucker nails.

Cheers buddies

Cazza :D :D :D :D [/b]
Hi I loved the Dior Nails too, they featured some months ago in a local mag and I had to track them down!!!!!!!! to Selfridges in London and they will post them to you if you cant visit. Phone Selfridges and ask to be put through to the Dior beuaty counter, they are very helpful and my package arrived the next day fab.........sorry I dont still have the number, but hope you track them done coz they look great on the nails.

I liked the Dior nails too, not sure how they were done:? are they transfers, or pre airbrushed tips? Anyone know? just curious :)
CUTIE said:
I liked the Dior nails too, not sure how they were done:? are they transfers, or pre airbrushed tips? Anyone know? just curious :)

They were transfers!! ;)
Thanks for the information Mrs Geek. :)
sawadee ka

i look every thing nail i not see cd nail before i no farang like cd too much before when i see sticker them no good and not beautifull .

when lady do nail art have lady you pay for her do beautifull sticker i think not beautifull or for small girl but ot lady

Kop khun ka mui
i'm so glad to know that those nails are transfers :D
i'm pretty handy with free hand nail art, but i was coming out in a sweat thinking about recreating them :shock:
i will be ordering some 2moro :D
lol liza xx
Are you talking about the Dior logo all over the nails??? If so, I have handpainted a replica of that design on a nail :oops: You just need acrylics, a small brush and steadyhand :oops:

Theres a pic in my gallery, pic quality is meeping-crap though, per usual :rolleyes:

Looks better in life! Honest!!

Well Layla I had a look and they rock babe...............
You will make the best multi talentet Tech.............

Can't wait for you to get going babe, I am 100% behind you !!!!!!!!
So are all the others here in our little Geek family

So lots of love Ruth xxxxxxx
Those nails you have done are superb i saw them ages ago- There is no way in the world i could do it though.

I think i am gonna have to give CD a call


WOW Laystar - they looked fab! :fire:
as always layla you rock at free hand nail art .......
did everyone see laylas piglet she painted .........
hey how about doing a tigger for little old me ;) ;) ;)

love ya faye xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Oh babe of COURSE i'll do you a tigger!!! Whenever you come down I should do em on your nails!! ;-) hahaha il put glow-in-the-dark paint on em and we'll go clubbing.Wont lose you with lil glowing tiggers on your talons ;-)

Thanks everyone for the comments on the Dior nails :oops: making my lil meeping cheeks blusharoony :oops: :oops:


CUTIE said:
Thanks for the information Mrs Geek. :)

welcome Cutie :shock: ;)
Hi to all those who liked the Dior transfers. I'm the tech who did them. They were fabulous quality transfers that Dior gave me ages ago following a logo thing I did for Vogue. I think they were a limited edition and may not be repeated (unless they get inundated with requests of course!)

Check out last months Vogue on the 'beauty opener' page. I did some 'Galliano' nails for the launch of the John Galliano candle with Dyptique.
..just checked out your site love the dior nail...i see we have done piglet and hello kitty similar to each other - great minds eh....
ive just done a 'pucka'.one . y'now the little oriental girl...and paul frank monkey -
if you check out this months scratch -the wonderful alex- has done a page on my you like the louis vuitton one. all my art is done by hand at the moment..until i master the airbrush....
layla you should contact alex at scratch with your pics....
Lol Im not subscribed to any of the mags yet, no money to spare! Im sure if Ruth has the mag, she might let me have a peek when I see her on sunday!!

And maybe I will contact Alex about my nail art...when I have time! Everythings just got really busy at the moment!

Great minds, yea baby! I had to do a Piglet one, he's the cutest! Still gota do those glow-in-the-dark Tiggers for Faye Baby ! lol!

mum said:
Hi to all those who liked the Dior transfers. I'm the tech who did them. .

Welcome Marian Newman!! ;) Liked the image and loved the make-up too!! I am sure the girls will be gutted to find the transferes are difficult to get hold of but most of them are brilliant with hand painting so I'm sure they will cope!!! :D
Hey Layla,

Your nail art just gets better and better! Love the Dior and Hello Kitty nails!

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