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Sep 9, 2007
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Has anyone used this odor & dust free system? I tried it today for the first time on my daughter. I applied it like you are supposed to (more product then normal) waited for it to cure and then rolled off the excess like they say, etc. It seemed to have a very long open time and seemed rather gooey but once I got passed the stickyness it filed relatively normally if somewhat softer and easier to file.

When she got home tonight she called me and said it felt like it hadn't fully cured yet. To the point that she could stick her fingernail into the acrylic of some of them.

Has anyone used this product? I'd like to see what experiences other people have had with it.
hiya - yes i am trained in this product and used this product but never came acoss this prob before - are you sure (absolutely sure) that you used this product right - dont want to sound offish here flower, but i can honestly say i didnt have this prob - if you feel the need - pm me hunny
I did a 121 with this straight out of tech college.. took me a while to get the hang of it.. and went off it pretty early on.. i prefered the comp 3000.. I would get some tips of peter pan if she is offering as its a tricky one to master in my opinion..
I'm fairly certain I used it correctly, the mix may have been slightly wet as I'm also trying a new bigger brush (not sure I like it). I also noticed that it rolled off to nothing right near a couple of the cuticles, almost like it wasn't thick enough, but that brings up another question. You are supposed to apply more product then normal but around the the cuticle that's quite difficult to do without making a muck of the cuticle.

She is coming over today and I will have a look at them but she said they are nice and hard now. She also said her pinkie cracked when she got home.

I do find it much easier and softer to file so I suppose adding more product then normal is ok but there seems to be alot of filing to do after. I must be doing something wrong but I don't know what that would be.

Just had a thought, it's getting cold here, could that affect the cure time so much that it didn't fully cure until she went home?
i used this product for a couple months then switched to absolute from opi...the clarite didn't seem to be bright enough and it kind of flaked sometimes....sometimes it was good sometimes it was bad....i did like how it took a long time to set so you could really perfect the smile line....i didn't make it any thicker like it says because i use a uv top coat which adds extra thickness
I know that with any OPI L&P products tend to work a lot different in dry cold climates.. Not a lot of people use it in Montana, some but not many..
I also trained with this product, but i have to say am about to change and spread my wings but i never had that problem.
"The perfect smile line" that was one of the reasons I thought I would give it a go (aside from the no odor) my smile lines could be better and I was hoping for a longer open time to fiddle with the product. This seems to be almost too much, something in between would be good.

I'm curious, if you didn't make it any thicker what happened when you rolled off the top uncured product? It leaves a moist surface residue. For me it seemed to lift right off the natural nail if it wasn't thick enough (like the cuticle area), at least that's what I think the reason is.

"I know that with any OPI L&P products tend to work a lot different in dry cold climates.. Not a lot of people use it in Montana, some but not many.."

Hmmm perhaps that has something to do with it. We aren't dry here but we are cold with a relatively high humidity at times. I'm not ready to give this up yet, I'll try a few more today and see what happens, I'm being stubborn and trying not to blame the product, it has to be user problems.

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