Cleaning minimist - do you use a cleaner ?


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Jul 31, 2005
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West Yorkshire
Can you help me please?

I use Beau Bronz tanning solution, which I love but it seems to be clogging the machine.

Despite me running water through it and cleaning the filter often, when I did a tan this morning there was nothing but air coming out.

Thankfully, the STCC came to my rescue and helped me, which meant I had to unscrew half the machine and soak a part in hot water. Very embarassing in front of a client I have to say! Anyway it worked in the end, phew.

However I spoke to Beau Bronz and they tell me I need to clean my machine with a solution after each tan to ensure that the DHA doesn't block it up as it is made of sugarcane.

I've ordered some cleaning solution from them but I wondered what else other people do and also does anyone have a problem with it being blocked up?

At the end of the day I usually just spray warm to hot water through it and then once a week I use watered down Mr Muscle window cleaner - works a treat. This is what the supplier of the minimist advised me to do rather than buying expensive cleaners for it. I also strip it right down once every 3-4 weeks.
Thanks Jo, stcc have told me to take it apart and now I know how I will be doing that and spraying some of me cleaner through it too, also they told me that running diluted lime scale remover (that you put in kettles) help to break down the blockage.

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