Clear Fabric... becoming not so clear....


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May 21, 2003
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Ascot - Berkshire
Ok guys, I have had a strange thing happen with my f/g.
Had a bride-to-be come in for a set of nails last week. As she didn't want to keep them, did tips (badly bitten nails) with f/g overlay. Used Fabric#. The set turned out really beautiful and CLEAR. She was happy, so was I. 8)
I had asked her to come back today (bit over a week later) so we could check them up, patch what needed patching and basically make them gorgeous for her big day (tomorrow Friday). She had lost one and another one was on the go, but the others were all ok. Except... that on a few of them, the f/g had started to show!! :shock:
Her cuticles and hands were SOOO dry last week and I had given her a bottle of Solar Oil to use daily, which she did. Today, they were still fairly dry. She is also on a lot of meds (hence I wasn't sure the set would last but it did). I don't know... it almost looked like the nails had "absorbed" the resin.... don't think this is possible but it sure "looked" like it. :?
Any insight ? Anyone seen that before?
Hi Nats

The only time I have ever seen that problem has been when I finally discovered that the client was not, in spite of repeatedly telling her to do so, removing enamel with an acetone-free polish. I did try to get her to purchase my own acetone-free removers but oh no, she insisted she had her own indoors and so I warned her about this and the damage it could cause to her extensions.

In my client's case, she was literally changing her polish every couple of days (sometimes even over the course of one day) just to have a different colour and this was exactly what happened...and the cuticles looked really, really dry too....
There is always something I have never heard of before.

For a guess I would say she had used polish remover containing acetone a few times ... or something!! Did you use 2-3 coats of BOOST?

If you did, there is no way that she hasn't used something on her nails that she shouldn't have. Maybe tried out a few (hundred) different polish colours and kept removing them?? Nail biters often do that in the excitement of having nails for the first time. Something has removed the resin for sure. It didn't just get up and walk away.

Some of you are new to fabric# ... I. on the other hand have been using it exclusively on my own nails for more than 2 years!! ... If I tell you I have never once had a single spot of bother would you believe me? WEll believe it --- and I am a picker and a former nail biter and a nails-in-the- mouth kind of person. I swim most every day - do my own housework for the most part - garden - cook - etc. Never had a problem!!

She did something!!
Well guys and gals..........
This isn't new to me lol............
I have been a Fibreglass/Silk Gal for over 10 years now and have seen some funny things............ But oh never has the client done anything.........yea and there is another little piggy flying past my window...price of bacon is up again this week I see........

Well this client has used something on her nails that breaks down the resin...... normal polish remover, oh and those dreaded quicky pads, even thought it says on the box acetone free..............Quicky Pads are the kiss of death to great Enhancements................
So warn clients, even if it says acetone free, it might not be suitable for Enhancements...................

The only other explanation or reason could be, that after the last layer of boost, the nail was buffed to much, hence removing most of the product and then just leaving a thin layer over the Fibreglass...............So when the polish is taken off, it will make the fibre very visible........
But my money is on the Varnish remover..................the very dry cuticle make me think that !!!!!!!

Love Ruth xxxx
.....and we all encounter different things, that's what makes it interesting!! :D
She is not the kind to put polish on, she is more the "I don't take care of myself" type of girl. I did apply 2 coats of Bond last week, and the nails today didn't look like the resin had gone from the top! That is what puzzled me. The surface of the nails was still good, no signs of dissolving or anything. And it didn't happen on all of them, but only on 3.
She said she was so please to have nails that she will probably carry on with them, so I'll see what they look like when she comes in again. I replaced those I wasn't happy with so they were all clear again when she left.
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