Clear Tips - do they need pre buffing ??


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Mar 4, 2004
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Whiteley, Hampshire
hi all

im sure this will earn dumb question of the day award but here it goes !

when using Clear tips, i know you do not need to blend to natural nail but do they need lightly buffing before applying l&p onto them so that the product may adhere better ?

if the answer is yes to the above, what happens then if you want a little bit of the clear tip to show in your design ?

Appreciate any pointers or hints and tips in using these please

Thanks very much

Blend or don't blend, both will work. If you don't, go over it with a white block. It will look dull, bit milky but when you apply your product all will become clear again.

No question is a dumb question Karren :)

Yes you need to lightly buff any tip as the product will not adhere to it, you only have to do it with a white block just to slightly etch it, hth

Glad someone asked this, i did wonder if you wanted to do a design on the clear but have a clear background would it look scratched when finished? I suppose if you only buff it it will look akay when you put a thin coat of L&P clear over the top, is that right??

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