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Aug 9, 2015
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So last night i had a client who complained she waited her hair cut above her ears from a long bob i said on the first vist why dont we try a short invertered bob , because i said she had a round face , also she is overweight but obviously didnt say that but i said her face would look nicer with some shape around it , she then rang me back up after i have finished and said she didnt like it and want it even more shorted shaved at the back , to come back tonight and do it , she showed me a 25 year old girl thin faced and wanted it like that , i did warned her previously but she was adamant so i did it , sge started crying after looking the mirror i said what was the matter she said it was too short i try to style it differently and everything but she said she looked like a man she is on anti-depresents and doesnt work . i gave her a refund because i said i dont like any of my clients being unhappy with there hair . Now i feel so dis harted i have delt with a few complaints but never this dramtic anybody eles had the same problem?
I don't think you should be refunded her. She asked you to cut her hair into a particular style and although you have a proper consultation she still wanted to go ahead with the cut. You had two choices...cut or not cut. It is not your fault that your client did not like the end result as long as the cut was exactly as she requested. I think even as hairdressers we've all had that experience where we've done something drastic to our hair and hated it. You should've told her to give it some time as going from long to short is really drastic and can come as a shock. Your hair is part of your identity. Still you were there to do your job, which you did, to a satisfactory level. No refund was necessary at all.
Whenever a client gets a new cut especially shorter have them wait 2 weeks for it to sink in.
If they don't like it by than, than of course tell them to come in and you'll fix it to how you want.

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