Client wanting dip dye but with clip on extensions


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Dec 6, 2011
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Basically I need your advice!! Lol I have a client who has dark hair (base 4/5) and always wears clip in extensions. However she now wants to try the dip dye look but would I keep her hair the dark shade and then just do the mid colour and lights on the extensions or do I do the dark fade to mid colour on her hair then the mid to light colour through the extensions?? The extensions are 20 inches and her hair is probably just past her shoulders.I'm so confused!! Please help guys I need clever brain cells! Xxx
is it dip dye or more gradual ombre she is after? if dip dye just do the extensions, if ombre i would probably start at the lower few inches of her hair with a shade or 2 lighter, and gradualy get lighter further down, and maybe a little baliage around the front sections of the natural hair to blend it nicely :D
are the clip ins going to be able to take bleach? remember they are generally quite cheap hair and super duper processed already so might not lighten well, and if they do they will need a crazy amount of care. What kind of clip ins are they? xxx
Beauty works do ombré/dip dyed clip ins x
Can I but in and ask what is the difference between dip dyed and ombré???
I've jst been asked to do it something along the lines of this pix, but not sure how to do about it for the 1st time...
Thank u xxx ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1337202935.588351.jpg
They are quite similar but ombré means that it gradually fades from dark to blonde where dip dye is more a radical difference.
Hi, additional lengths do dip-dye clip ins from a dark base to blondie colour in ends or a red etc not to expensive either and they are nice quality too... Check their

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