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Jan 28, 2007
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hi geeks,
I have a new client on thursday with multiple sclerosis, she has booked a full manicure and I am just wondering if there is any part of the treatment that should or shouldn't be performed as I have not come across this before.
thanks for the help in advance
One of my favourite clients has MS, she has regular pedi's and NNO rebalances, the only part I have to be careful with is her loss of sensation in her feet, she gets it in her hands too sometimes, and other times she's over sensitive.
She sometimes has bad days and has to cancel her appointment with only a few hours notice but I know that she wouldn't do that unless she really felt rough.
I think you have to treat each client with a medical problem individually, your client might not suffer the same symptoms with her MS as my client does, make sure you do a 150% thorough consultation and ask her to tell you anything her doctor has advised against etc.
hth's a bit
thank you sandi,
I did find a thread here and it said just to be careful but I was also wondering about hand and arm massage is it ok for someone with ms or would it hurt them.I think I am just panicking as I am still only at the start of my career and want to do the best I can!
thanks again
you will be fine, like sandi my fave client was a lady with m.s when i used to paint her toes her feet made involuntary movements she had nail enhancements to and was a dream client and a pleasure...and my most regular fortnightly with out problem for 2 years.
Hi joanne,
I have not met the woman only spoke to her on the phone today and tbh she sounds lovely so I think I will just take it in my stride.thanks for your advice
you will be fine, i must admit i was nervous the first time i saw my lady as like you hadnt come across m.s (in real life so to speak). so was unsure how she would handle enhancemnts etc.
My absolute favourite client has MS. She comes monthly for nail enhancements, pedicure and full body waxing. Sometimes she is a bit more shaky than others, but I work around it.
Dont worry just make sure you do a thorough consultation, I am sure she will appreciate you want to do the best thing for her and as a nail tech who has MS loss of feeling and spazams are one thing you really have to watch out for but also that the immune system is involved so it can be difficult for someone with MS to fight off infection so a little extra care not to nick her, I am sure you will do fine.

Oh and I think my MS has an effect on my spelling but thats for you lot to enjoy!

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