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Jul 7, 2010
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Mornin all,

I have a new client who has asked if i could cut her toe nails, the question is she is an elderly client and normally gets her toe nails cut at her clinic, my gut instict is i cant do them because she has to get them done at her clinic.

could some please advise so i can call her back

thank you on advance
if she has no illness that requires her to have podiatry i would trim & file them
Sure you can do them! You'll be fine just take your time , I had quite a few older clients who also got them done at clinc , they can only get app once every 6 months that's not enough for them, so I did the in-between , I still got them to go to clinic as it's a good Health check to , but they didn't know how to cut toe nails lol :)
if she has no illness that requires her to have podiatry i would trim & file them

I agree, you need to do a full consultation with the elderly especially. I will only file toenails on the elderly to be on the safe side. Sometimes it is fine but, for instance, if the lady was diabetic, then I would refer her back to her clinic. :green:
Certainly take a look at her. Bear in mind if they are too overgrown she will need to go to a chiropodist.
I would check very carefully if she any any contra-indications such as poor circulation, diabetes, steroid therapy etc.
Then I would only cut the nails if they are normal.
If they are pathogenic (thickened, overgrown, infected with fungus, ingrowing etc) then I would suggest she return to the clinic.
Some elderly folks are remarkably fit but some aren't and it isn't always possible to know what the problems are just by looking.
Hope that helps.
Thank you for all your replies, unfortunately i had to cancel her appointment as i have caught a bug that has been going around, but i will be re-arranging an appointment with her as soon as i am better.

Thank you again xx

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