Clients wanting flat nails!


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Aug 31, 2006
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East Midlands

Has anyone had clients requesting flat acrylic nails? If so, what did you do?

I have 2 clients who both have got very flat, square nails and fingers. I do L & P on both of them, however, they always request that I do the nails flat i.e. don't have any apex whatsoever!

I have done their nails as requested (the client is always right!) although i have tried to persuade them to let me build an apex, they are adamant that flat nails are what they want.

Any advice?
my my my what unusual client,s you have!!!!!!!!:)....i have never been asked this nor have i done it....i suppose if a client asked me for this i would do everything the same but not so much of a apex....although i would insit to your client,s they should have one as if they dont,it will weaken the free edge and then the all the nail ...hope that help,s hun xxx
Hiya...odd request, maybe they want them to look as natural to their own nail as possible, however I would suggest you tell them why we build an apex, not only because, in my opinion it looks so much nicer but it's also so that the natural nail doesnt get damaged should they break an enhanment. It also prevents breakages etc. I'm sure you know all this, but maybe they dont, perhaps ask them to try it once, see how they get on. I know the customer is supposedly always right, however the customer is also usually uneducated in these matters i would def try harder to convince them. :hug:
Yep I've had this but not for a client, it was form a owner of a hairdressers I was considering renting space from. Her rules were, all nails need to look this, this is what everybody has and you have to charge xyz.:rolleyes: So I did her a demo and said enhancements should look like this and the reason why. I didn't take the space so I couldn't tell you if she changed her mind.
Yes, I've got one of those, she insists on flat nails and breaks them all the time, she also hates shiny nails so have to use a matt top coat!!!??? Don't know why she bothers!
thats fine, but charge them for every breakage and replacement, if they dont want an apex they obviously dont want nails that last, so when they come in for a R/B with 6/10 broken charge to fix per nail then charge R/B on top.
Thanks for all your replies - have tried to educate them to no avail!

Both are regulars and quite happy to pay for replacements! Nice to know i'm not alone with my odd clients!
I agree the customer is always right if it's simply something like the placement of the smile line that they are fussy about....

but I would refuse to do nails without a proper apex.
If their request means your product won't work optimally, I wouldn't do it.
i agree i would keep explaining to them the importance of an apex to not onle the product but their natural nail and if they insist i then would explain that if they do break frequently then this is why and they will be charge as they did not take the professional advise from the TRAINED TECHNICIAN...

jeeesss some clients ay hun..

It is you job to advise them not force them and when they bust a nailand it busts their natural nail aswell it will only be their fault!!!

i would write on the client card, 'at clients request enhancements are applied without apex' and get them to sign it.

That is what i would do i right everything on my client card and then they sign it at the end of the treatment to say they are happy with the work and it is how they want it.

I only had one lady who requested this (note the past tense there lol). For a few months, I applied and rebalanced them flat, advised against it and explained there may well be more breakages (which there were of course). For some reason she had a problem with paying for the replacement nails after a time. . . even though I had explained several times over that in not having an apex, they were not as strong . . . we parted company anyway and good riddance, she was a pain :smack:

But no, hun, you are not alone, there are a few oddballs out there who refuse to listen to a trained professional and think they know best :rolleyes:
I had a new client that came in for a fill a week or so ago that requested this...her tips were actually thicker than her apex. She said she wanted them flat because she didn't want them to look fake. So, I expained to her that ideal natural nails taper down. I told her I'd try it my way this first tim and if she didn't like it, we could then try it hers. After I got done she said they really did look much more natural this way.

Still not as bad as the one I had that asked for me to "make them thick" and "make them look fake" by putting the smile line halfway down her nail plate. she had beautiful long nail beds and made me rebalance them a god 8th of an inch below her natural smile line. She probably got tired of the fight I put up every time, so she stopped coming eventually. Ah well, people are kooky sometimes and you don't need the nutters.

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