Clients Who Bring Their Children!


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Jan 15, 2003
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Fairfield, Illinois, USA
Okay since I work at home it's not TOO MUCH of a problem most of the time when clients bring their child/children. BUT I had a client yesterday who is just now coming back since Christmas. Okay I understand that she is a stay at home mother of twins and I knew she was going to bring them. I also have two small children, the kids have played together before so I thought NO BIG DEAL right. Wrong. Now is also babysits. So not only did I have my two, her two but three more. That's SEVEN children in my house while I try to put on a new set. Needless to say it took a tad bit longer than usually. Her comment afterwards was "maybe I think I'll come after my husband gets off work for my next appointment. :silly: YA THINK!!! :cus: What was she thinking. If I knew this I would have been able to reschedule her.

I had her sister a couple of months ago who apprently was coming so she could learn how to do her own acrylics (bought at Sally's Beauty Supply). :shocker: And I was apprently her marriage counselor. :scram: What a family.

It's got to get better :rolleyes:
Let us know when you come out of therapy and are trading again, cos I know after that lot you must need therapy
Well as I work in a Salon I have never had that situation.
But soon I will be offering Airbrush Tanning from Home. This has made me think, cause this could happen to me.
So I thought a polite notice before they come to my house would be in order.
Something like...............As I would like to give you 100% of my skills, time and attention, it will not be possible to bring children along during any services. I want you to have a relaxing time and enjoy your treatment.
I this cant be avoided then please bring a friend who can look after them during this time.
It's always better to make it clear then rahter tearing your hair out afterwards.
But I think this client who came to you, has realised this and I would be supprised if this would happen again.

As for the councelling bit, at times all of us Techies will have been councellor, confidant and advisor. Take that as a complement rather the a punishment........
You can always have a stiff drink afterwards................
Love Ruth xxxxxxxxx
While I was attending my Nail Technology classes, we had members of the public or family/friends who could be our models. They would get a free set or fill in exchange for sitting there for as long as it took us to put a set on them. While the school didn't have a strict 'no children' policy, we had a policy in the nails area where we didn't want clients coming in with their children. It happened to me twice. Once on spring break, the wife of one of the hairdressing students came in and sat there for 2 hours while I did her gel set. The child was well behaved but precocious and it was just behaviour that was unsettling to me as I was trying to do my best...was very distracting as I would have to stop what I was doing to answer her questions (about everything).

Then my very good friend showed up for her gel set with a 6 month old baby in tow...still being breastfed. When we made the appointment I specifically mentioned to her that she would have to get her babysitter to watch the baby and would this be OK. She said no problem and then when she came for her appointment she said her babysitter was sick. Rather than reschedule her appointment she decided to come with the baby anyway because she really wanted her nails done for the weekend (keep in mind this is costing her nothing !!) So I had already manipulated her appointment around her schedule knowing that she had to drop her other kids off at school after lunch, and knowing when my school closed, I had allotted 2 hours and 15 minutes to do her nails. I had a buffer of an extra half hour for duties afterwards, but I knew she had to be out of there by a certain time to pick up her kids from school. All this would have been fine - WITHOUT THE BABY ! We started off fine, but the baby was awake and demanding attention and at one point she had to pick the baby up and put her in her lap to keep her from crying....and then keep shifting from one hand to the other while she held her. Needless to say, she literally ran out the door to get her kids from school and my gel was all over the place on her nails. I was really disappointed. And her nails all broke and lifted and she complained about them. I was rushing everything to get her done on time, and I know I could have done a better job.

Never again !!
Well, I don't know what people are THINKING sometimes. I work from home too (I don't have kids) and I have had few clients (first time clients) that came with kids. I was not impressed. I have a note on my client profile sheets, that "because of the chemicals and blah blah ...please do n't bring your children with you...."
I have had 1 client show up with 2 brats jusr recently...and was late 20 minutes....boy, was I ever PISSSEd (sorry).. it was a full set and I was late the whole day.
They brought their juices and crayons with them (I have white furniture!) every minute I was saying "please don't touch that"......this really stressed me out...its SOOO distracting!
I think i don't have time for this client any more. She did that twice to me, this is it. She knows that this is very distracting and the kids were hanging out near my table (drill, monomer) and numerous times "I' had to tell them "please sit down over there"

You see, I'm just too nice sometimes and I know I should be more strict.
My house and the salon section are not child proof..and I think it is rude to just SHOW UP with your kids, for 2 hour appointment.

Just thinking about it gets me going LOL LOL.

Anyone has a better idea how to deal with that????
Please :?
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