Clipping Lifted Acrylic For a Refill?


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Dec 15, 2006
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Camas, WA
Aloha, I am in cosmetology school & had a question for my teaches and I was confused because they each had different answers. I am going to do a fill on another student. She had pink and white acrylics done at a solon a long long time ago. They have grown out a lot and some of the acrylic nails have lifted. My questions are: Should I clip the acrylic that has lifted then file it down and refill or just file and fill or as a student suggested glue the lifted part file and fill, or soak off the nails that have lifted. Is there a standard way of addressing lifted acrylic when doing a fill?

Thank you
Well that really does depend on how long ago she had the nails done, if most of the nail bed is clear of enhancement then I would, de bulk, shorten and soak of, not because it cant be done but because it will be easer. If we are talking about normal re-growth then I would, shorten to the desired length, de-bulk, and then address the lifting, NEVER should this be clipped of, the damage this will cause to the natural nail is horrendous, nor should it be glued, this will lead to more lifting and greenies.
The correct way to remove lifting is to file the enhancements just behind the lifted product, this will lead to the lifted product crumbling away leaving a flush and invisible surface to apply new product to.
The important thing is not to hurry, the client should realise that it could take you as long to re balance as it did to do the fresh set and that if she wants them to stay beautiful that she needs to come back every 2 or 3 weeks and use her cuticle oil:hug:
First of all, if your tutors are telling you to nip off acrylic, I would seriously consider your qualification! The amount of stress that it would cause on the natural nail to get nippers 'under' the lift and then nip it just isnt worth thinking about.

Glueing the lifted area is something else that I would question, especially as the nails have been on for a long time. What can happen when a nail lifts? What can get under it? why would this be cause for concern?...... all questions to answer yourself using common sense.

I dont know how far along you are with your training, but I would take this to a higher level if you are being told different things by different tutors:idea::!:
When learning, there is nothing worse than conflicting information.

hth's x
Aloha, Thank you so much for you quick and informative answer. I have another question what is "de bulk"? Is it filing?
Aloha, I didn’t mean to dish about the school & teachers. I have voiced my concerns regarding some inconsistencies in my schools curriculum. Over all it’s a good school, it just that when it comes to anything beyond basic Milady’s nail tech and legal statues, some of us as night students are kind of on our own. I address this gap by coming here and/or consulting my Nails and Nail Pro mags and the internet.
Sorry to 'dish' your school but night students should not be treated any different than day/full time students so you should not be 'on your own'. I agree part time students are encouraged to look in mags and on here ( I am always telling my students to 'geek') as you don't have the same time access to your tutors but not clipping away product is a very basic no no that any decent educator should know. good luck in your studies and keep geeking:hug:
Forcing the overlay off the surface of the natural nail using any mechanical tool or by picking etc, harms and thins the nail plate. You just do not do it.

When you shove those clippers in under the lift to clip it off, you naturally force even more product off the plate and make the lifting worse.

The product is chemically bonded to the plate so in forcing the product off the surface it takes some of the nail plate with it.

Imagine if a technician uses this method regularly ... what do you suppose the nail plate looks like if the product was to be removed?? Yes ... you're right ... thin and rough and nasty (the way you see so many nails that have been treated badly).

Like doctors, our first oath should be:


Enhancements last longer if the nail plate is kept strong. Lifting only gets worse if the nail plate is thinned. Clients who regularly have lifting enhancements leave the salon!

Make it your priority to do no harm to the nail plate. This is what being a professional is all about.
Thank you very much. The information I have received from this site has been very beneficial.
Hey don't feel too bad about "maybe" saying bad things about your instructors.

Here in the states, we are all taught the same thing pretty much across the board, and it hasn't exactly changed with the times. I was taught that clipping was not a big deal 12 years ago, but now after attending educational classes on my own, know what clipping does to the natural nail, what liquid touching the skin can DO to the skin, why prying a nail enhancment off the nail is HORRID, and so on. Learn what you need to learn to pass your boards, but make sure you are doing research on the side ;)

Attend trade shows, decide what you like based on science and beauty, and study it! You will reap the rewards for YEARS to come. :)

Good luck! I know a handful of AWESOME techs in WA, one of them is a geek on this site... :)

Ooh and I see you live about 40 miins away from my sister- Maybe I will have to drop by your school the next time I'm in town and "school" your instructors lol ;)
Thank you so much Heather, for understanding about the situation with my teachers. I didn't realize that it was such a bad thing otherwise I would not have said who gave me such bad advise. I didn't want this thread to be about my teachers and/or school. The teachers teach what they think and have been doing in the field. Your advice is exactly what I do, I learn what I need to learn to pass state boards and I verify any advise given to me from teacher and student & I come here, & I check trade magazines. I intend on going to trade shows and taking advanced class once out of school its hard right now to go because I work and go to school. Once again thank you.

Tonight I did the refill it turned out good. I didn’t clip or glue, I filled down till the lifted areas crumpled away.

I would love it if you drop by when your in the area, and I would love to meet some local geeks!!

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