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Mar 15, 2003
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Cant you guys sneak onto a stand at birmingham ;) one would mind I'm sure lol ah well guess i will have to wait till Olympia <sigh>..always spend far too much on cnd goodies anyway lol
Hi Tracey - thank you for the message!! I can't imagine that there is one competitor that would let us sneak onto their stand:) We made this decision based on the fact that it was a very poor atteded show last year. It is up to the exhibition organisers to make sure that 'you guys out there' get to know about these events and attend. This did not happen last year and so we will see how well the NEC goes before we make a decision on 2005. :|
I know it was a poor show last year for the exhibitors but as a customer, I thought it was fab - I could see the demos, I could get near the Creative stand and I could actually watch Melle and Vanessa airbrushing LOL.
:p Hehehehe, with any luck it will be busier this year so Melle and I wont get bored. We are on stand C14, see you all there
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