CND Cuticle remover looks like jelly


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May 12, 2006
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Hi, is my creative remover gone off or is it suppose to be like this.Its like a bit jellyfied when i push it out of its bottle, has anyone experianced this please?:confused:

Also could i use it like Nailzoo uses his on his vidoes with the brush and agitate it round?
Has it got too cold? (just a thought)... It's supposed to be like a slightly runny gel
I'm assuming you mean the bottle of 'remover' and not little tube of 'eraser'?

It's not designed to foam up like the one Nailzoo uses, it's best to use it as recommended by the company.
Is it all like that?

I get a jelly-like blob in the top if i don't twist the bottle shut :smack:, but its only a tiny touch. Maybe its a wee bit cold too....the viscocity seems thicker in the cold, I find.

Edited to add: Sandi - you type faster than me! lol!
I thought about that being too cold but my room is always a good temp,i have a video on manucure from creative and mine dosnt come out of the bottle like that mines more jellyfied.Yes it is the bottle sandi not the tube.
When yours goes jelly on the top lyndsey is it just on the the top then ok or is all the bottle same plz?
No, the jelly blob is usually just the bit in the neck of the bottle. Once it's gone I give it a good shake and its all runny again.
It's just a bit that has oxidized, not a big deal, just peel it off. Apply solar oil BEFORE you apply cuticle remover for a super powered job every time.
If it's your ENTIRE bottle, if it's brand new i would get a refund, if it's old, it's time for a new bottle. ;)
What does the solar oil do with the remover does it react different and make a better remover?
Solar Oil is a combo of Jojoba, rice bran, and sweet almond oil. Jojoba is a carrier oil, and whatever it's paired with is allowed to penetrate more deeply because of it's super tiny molecular structure. Using it with Cuticle Remover allows the remover to penetrate dead tissue more deeply, eating it away more efficiently than remover alone.

Did this make sense?
It makes loads of sense Heather thanks a bunch, this is why i wanted to know more about how creative works.
Have you got to go on a course to learn all the chemistry side of things or can i buy some info on this?
I do want to go creative trained but its too much money,thats why i love the geeks on here who help people like me.xx
Yep- I learn all of my info during the classes i have attended with CND. You can't buy the info- but you can keep asking questions, and save up and GET TO THOSE CLASSES. We can all tell ya til our fingers fall off, but it will never be the same as attending a class and learning it one on one.
CND education is totally rooted in Science! Grab Doug Schoons book, "Nail Structure and Product Chemistry" for LOADS more information.
Thanks heather im defo gona pluk up courage tomorow and ring them for all the info i need,thanks for all ya advice im gona do a search now on that book thanks again x

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