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Sep 28, 2004
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West Yorkshire, UK
Gutted!!!! just got back off 2 week hols, need to stock up as have full diary this week and driven nearly 2 hours return trip to find CNA Head Office, Leeds is closed. A smartly dressed gentleman outside said that they are out of business and we should receive further info in next couple of days. Absolutely no use to me!! I feel for the very helpful staff at head office who have trained me, guided me, answered questions and in general been very very helpful, if any of you read this (especially Denise, one stop shop and the 'Sweets' !!!) thank you very much!!! But, where does that leave loyal nail techs who have stuck with Creative!!!! things like this do not happen over night!! sorry didnt need this on 1st day beck n just needed a moan - thanks for listening xx
Can totally sympathise, as I came back on Sunday from our holiday and found exactly he same out, my friend had driven over to leeds on the Friday and found out exactly the same....its very worrying

Theres LOADS of threads about Hyperion and Creative etc do a search and you will see the problem is ongoing but hopefully there will be news soon.
I have a feeling of deja vu here...did you not post this on another thread.
I think if you peruse the site, you will find several threads all on this very subject. So I don't think another one was strictly necessary.

Have a read over some of the other threads, and you will find that a lot of work is going on behind the scenes to try and alleviate a very difficult situation.
Because of different legalities and things, some information cannot be broadcast here on the world wide web, but both Samantha and Samuel Sweet have posted several times on several threads that when they know something...we will know. I believe them.

I have total sympathy for people who have been caught out short of stock....but believe me the Hyperion employees had no more notice than you.

Milton Keynes and London should have stock soon, and the Irish distributor has got stock, although postage will be a little more than usual, but I hope this information helps you.

As I said ...have a read over what you have missed over the last 2 weeks, and maybe you will have a bit more understanding of the situation.
big hugs chic coming your way:hug:
Sorry but this has been gone over and over in various threads over the past week.

Whilst I understand your frustration, we do not need yet another BMW (bitching, moaning, whining) thread.
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