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May 27, 2011
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Disappointed to hear that Sweetsquared arent at the Birminghan Beauty Show next weekend....that was the only reason I was going. Wanted to buy the new Shellac colours:sad:. Any one know if there is a distributor who will be there that is authorised to sell Shellac or am I going to be really upset!!! :irked: xx
Why not call them directly and ask?
Wouldn't have thought there would be anyone else there selling them, but why don't you call the show or sweet squared and check. The guys at ss are always really helpful so they might be able to help you out some how. The shows are normally pretty good with lots to see sample so hopefully you won't feel to disappointed if you can't get your shellacs xxx
There better not be anyone selling Shellac there - if so, I would be very suspect that it was really Shellac :)

We have never done the NEC show. Maybe one day, but keep in mind these shows cost a literal fortune in cash and people resources to do to our caliber. We like to focus both of those aspects to offer the biggest benefit for our customers and we like to time them around new innovations and launches. Doing a show just to flog product isn't really our style :)

So... sorry we won't be there, only doing Excel and Olympia this year. Oh... and maybe something else. Maybe.
Haha teasing us again Samuel! I have an inkling of what the secret might be this year and I hope i'm right! xx
Thank you for all the replies guys - I'm loving Shellac (bought the whole system at the Manchester show last year and havent looked back), and have had my 1:1 training with CND soooooo happy.

Re: "If there is anyone selling it at Birmingham ... its probably not Shellac" - this is what I needed to know - i dont buy fake and just needed the experts to tell me - thanks!!!

Appreciate your help and advice as always xx
Haha teasing us again Samuel! I have an inkling of what the secret might be this year and I hope i'm right! xx

Mmmmmm wonder if you are thinking what I am Fee. Something was touched upon a while back. Not saying what because if I'm wrong (which i probably will be) I will look like a right nerd :)

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