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Hi there.

Just wondered which Creative Powders you all prefer. I was trained using Ultra Blush and Ultra White, then changed over to Perfect Pink and White. Recently did a rebalance on a lady whose tech had used Ultra Blush and Ultra White and I must say I preferred those colours and am thinking of switching back. What do you all use. Do you use Retention Plus or Radical powders.
Perfect colour powders were introduced especially for Retention+ liquid although they can be used with Radical liquid.

Ultra Powders are not as colour stable with R+ as they are with Radical. This is something you would see over time and not necessarily on a new set.

Choices are what it is all about and it not right or wrong to use one or the other bearing in mind the above information. :)
Hi there.

Thanks for reply. So Perfect Powders are meant to go with Retention and Ultra Powders for Radical.

In your personal opinion which do you prefer Radical with Ultrablush and Ultra White or Retention with Perfect Pink/White. I am only asking as I seem to prefer the colour of Ultrablush so was thinking of switching back to Radical if it goes better with Ultra powders.
Thats a tricky one ... which do I prefer? :confused:

I guess that I would have to say that on the whole I have always loved the look of Radical - but sales tell me that most prefer Retention+ these days altho Radical is still a huge seller.

To be honest, you really have a keen eye as most technicians would actually see very little difference.

I never had a problem in the world with Radical and found it extremely retentive and I never used a primer of any kind - It's extremely tough and it has a lovely crisp clean look to it that made it the winning system for years in every competition in the UK.

I hope that answers your question ;)

i use retention + and perfect colour powders which i must say i prefer

I was under the impression that you used Radical on clients who are harder on there hands rather than it gives a different finish.

I have never tried Ultra powders as I trained with Perfect, buy having seen various other nail products (at shows or on clients) I really think the clarity is just fantastic.
Peppercorn Nails said:
I was under the impression that you used Radical on clients who are harder on there hands rather than it gives a different finish.

Bit of both! :D But I have to say again, it takes a very keen and experienced (with both products) eye to spot ;) the difference. The great thing about both is that the clarity stays forever and the product is so long lasting. Dozens of products look great to begin with but many deteriorate over time.
:shock: i love the perfect rangexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :shock: :) :shock:
:goal: I use Radical w/ solar powders and like the outcome. I have the perfect color powders but have terrible results. The workalbility is awesome with the PC, but I have a lot of lifting and cracking :( I'm think of buying Retention+ and trying that with the PC. I guess I don't know where I have been, just found out they stopped making PrimerPlus, now just the acid free whic is ok I guess, but the primer+ really worked :goal:
I also ordered Young Nails acrylic and am really excited to try that. I hear its awesome! :flower:
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