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Jan 28, 2007
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new milton
Hello all, i'm planning to send out a new year new you offer to clients, i use the eve taylor range for skincare and would like to add the new eye and lip masks to my treatment list.
problem is i haven't offered a stand alone eye or lip treatment before, would love any ideas on routine for this treatment and how you would time it etc and for any eve taylor users, would you use a regenerative serum or q10 with this do you think?
thanks for looking, any suggestions welcome xx:)
i have been offeing the eye mask since i reopened after xmas break, and my clients love it! I offer it as a stand alone treatment, or incorporate it into a facial. With the stand alone, I use eye make up remover and thoroughly cleanse the area. Then I put the eye gel around the eye area, and place a small piece of gauze, wet, over the lashes. Then I apply the mask and leave for 15 mins. While mask is on I give a hand/arm massage. Remove mask, then do the parts of my facial massage routine which concentrate on the eye area, and some pressure point massage. Eye cream,done!
Hope that helps!
thats very interesting.
How long is the treatment and how much do you charge compared with a facial?
I don't use Eve T products but do do a stand alone Eye Contour Treatment. Procedure: cleanse eye area (and face as well if they have makeup on), massage eye area, doubling routine to lengthen massage time, apply eye mask & eye pads. While mask is working its magic, hands & arms are massaged. Remove residue eye mask, apply eye cream.

We book out 30 mins & charge £22. Our mini facial is 30 mins & costs £21.
thats very interesting.
How long is the treatment and how much do you charge compared with a facial?

The treatment is about 30 mins, and I charge £10.00. If it is within a facial then it is £5. hth
thanks and yes it does
Thanks guys! i had given up getting a reply on this thread and just noticed it had:).
My year anniversary is in April and this is one of the new treatments i want to launch then, was going to do it in Jan if it was quiet but its been ok so far.
I was thimking around the £15 mark maybe £15 for eye alone and £20 if having lip at the same time, or £10 if incorporated into any other facial.
Do you get alot of call for these masks? and do any e.taylor folks use it with cryogenic?
again thanks for your replies x:)

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