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Jul 18, 2010
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Hi, I have Blondor lightner on my roots which takes it nearly white. I still have some yellow in my hair so I have color touch relights 86 on my roots and length to tone and take out any yellow. I really like this color and would like to have it more permanent instead of the toner each time. Is their a permanent color I can use that will give the same effect.

Many thanks,

Hi Emmaann,

If you like the effect i would stay with that technique, permanent colours would change your whole colour. The colour touch is so much more kinder for your hair.
One option for you is to invest in some invest in some silver shampoo, which contains a violet pigment which will continue to keep the yellow tones at bay. Ask your hairdresser if they can source some for you.
daft question i know but is the colour touch relights used as an all over toner can you use it on a full head bleach, does it not grab i am thinking of the /86 and what is the result, have been looking at the relights on my colour touch chart but i just havent used them.
Thanks Joanne, No it has not grabed we have added a small ammount of 00 to the mix. it is left on for 20 mins after I have had my roots bleached/washed & towel dried etc. I just wondered if a permanent would be any good because of the fade with the semi, but I guess it would be best to use the semi when the fade is more obviouse. Thanks so much for your help I'm living in France anfd it is difficult to get advice due to the language problem (still learning) and the colors they use over here are different to the uk.

Thanks for the advice Siansy will try the silver shampoo. I have replied to Joanne as well , thankyou both for your help.

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