Colour stripping HELP!!!!!!


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Oct 21, 2010
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Hi, I'm new to the site and looking for advice on stripping colour.
I haven't done any colour correction for 4 years due to having kids and urgently need help!!!
My client's hair is something like 6/41 which she's been colouring at home for about a year and now would like to be 9/0.
Should i use efassor or bleach bath?? Also will i need to use a toner before colouring it??
Help please she's booked in on saturday!!!
Hi I would use a bleach bath with 6% and shampoo , massage well then re mix and apply after 20mins , then use your colour and toner after if needed , try to get it as pale as poss before you put tint on ie yellow not orange , if you need more advice call me on 07769 351 202

Debbie x
Great thanks Debbie!
Would 10/1 be ok as toner? Don't think capital stock pastel toner mixers, would 3% or 6% be ok? x
I would mix a bleach bath : 1 scoop of powder, 1 scoop of 6%, 1 scoop of warm water.

Massage through the hair that is tinted until it is lifted. To go from a 6 to a 9 you may have to apply twice. I wouldn't leave a bleach bath on longer than 45 mins.

Lift to a 9 but you may have to tone with an ash or a beige, using 3%
I know I'm late replying but I would have stripped out colour using efassor.
I would strip to pale blonde, ie very pale yellow, then put your level 9 tint using 20 vols. If the end result is still too warm, put an appropriate toner on using either 10 vols, or maybe a toner bath.

I would have also checked the elastisity of your clients hair berfore hand and if nessasary, used a strengthening protein treatment either before and after the colour service to ensure her hair is kept in optimal condition and strength.

Anyway, I hope she liked her hair in the end.
i have a client who has home coloured her hair for years she was a redy colour about a base 4 she wants to go a brown with blondy caramel highlights through brown has turned out loverly but the blonde needs toning it is very blonde on
the roots and golden on the tips not orange but golden i only used 6% coz her hair is so dry can any1 help please xxxx

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