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How Do You Use Your Coloured Powders on YOur clients?

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Judge Gigi-Honorary Geek
Jan 12, 2003
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Benissa, Costa Blanca, Spain
I would like to know how often you actually use (if you have them) your coloured powders in the salon?
What proportion of your total income, would you say, comes from using coloured powders and
HOW do you use them i.e. Mainly for doing coloured tips ?, or for creating fancy intricate designs like the beautiful design Anthony Buckley posted of the grapes on the premium geeks forum??
What proportion of your clients request this service from you? OR
do you mainly use them on yourself and most of the time they sit in a cupboard??
have to say i would love to try them as haven't experimented with them yet as only just got to grips with my pink and whites. (love those smile lines!)
I have seen some lovely coloured tips which i think look really excellent. I love it when people do the natural nail look but with a glitter tip.

I will start experimenting soon, is it hard to do or the same as doing your white smiles?
Geeg sawasdee ka

If creative do not make colored powders and i am not speaking about metro for the England and American markets they will lose techs to other companys and the techs will lose there customers to other salons because in the next years to come color acrylics will become very big in the western world like they have in japan .

A lot of things with nails in the west start in japan first .

To only do the classic pink and white will not be good for a nail buisness there are too many beautifull nails being made with color acrylic powders and they can be for all age of lady or girl .

If color acrylics do not become big in England and America in the next 4 years i will walk and swim to England to say i am stupid but i know i will not have to walk or swim :biggrin: .

your question you ask i practice with my acrylic powders everyday because i know in my heart everytech will have to make this nails you can already see in America lady is hungry for education for this .

Geeg go look at the color acrylic nails they are beautifull classic pink and white in the future will not be enough .

I wish this not speak strong because i speak soft .

Mui from Thailand
Hey Mui, CND has a pretty big range of coloured popwders between the Mosaic and metro range (including glimmer and twilight)
I think they are great, but I don't know how massive they will really become in mainstream salon work. Coloured powders have been around for yonks now. Why?
Detailed design work can be a challenge to maintain and clients can get bored of the look during a grow out period.

In my opinion, the future with coloured powders will be in custom colour blending for each clients look.

CUSTOM BLENDING yep thats what my clients like, i have the little pots and save their blend just for them, makes them feel special and unique.
The Nail Geek said:
Hey Mui, CND has a pretty big range of coloured popwders between the Mosaic and metro range (including glimmer and twilight)
I think they are great, but I don't know how massive they will really become in mainstream salon work. Coloured powders have been around for yonks now. Why?
Detailed design work can be a challenge to maintain and clients can get bored of the look during a grow out period.

In my opinion, the future with coloured powders will be in custom colour blending for each clients look.

sam i try to make a post to your message but it not go on the board i will try after when i not busy but now i have to go now.

Mui from Thailand
sam sawasdee ka

To your post .

Maybe the nail industry was not ready for the color powders b4 .

Maybe the techs of b4 were not as creative :biggrin: as some are now .

There are many beautifull nails being made with color powders for your quote about lady may get bored with it i will speak as young lady that i want color glitter 3 d not the same enhancement pink and white my mama or gran mother will wear :eek: only some times :) .

In my head if you are going to be a full service tech it does not stop at l&p and gel silk fabric it is doing all nail enhancement colors 3 d encassed nails .

Maybe this poll should speak can you do color nail enhancments colors 3 d and encassed nail because from my study of this board and other boards there are not too many techs that can or have try to do .

Color acrylics 3 d encassed nails are very good buissness in asia from my studys and they will be the same in your country in future .

I am have to try and speak good because if i speak what is in my head lady will not like me too much .

Mui from Thailand
Dont get me wrong Mui, there is a market for Coloured powders and 3d designs, all I am saying is that based on my experience, it isnt the core clientelle of a mid range and higher salon. These clients are generally professional working women who cant really get away with stuff like microchips suspended in their nails or a huge beautiful boquet of roses poking out of their ring fingers ;)

That isnt to say that 3d embeded artwork is relegated to the bottom end of the market, but it has typically catered to the occasional user instead of the client that comes every 2-3 weeks for a rebalance.

I love the cool work that really talented 3d artists and designers do, it will always be popular, I just dont see how it will ever make traditional designs like Forever French completely defunct.

anyhoo... just my 3 cents ;)
Sam sawasdee ka

No body speak about french nail is not good :sad: .

I speak the color acrylic nails are very big buissness in asia and after when techs start to do many beautifull color nails like the nails i see in asia your country maybe many lady will have and if a tech can not do it is not good for her buissness.

The color nails with color flowers and inside is very beautifull and i see many nails like this is very beautifull i have by another tech b4 a set with very beautifull flower inside and small heart 3 d on 1 finger every body speak how beautifull my nails look .

So in your country u speak word and mouth i speak if techs not learn to do nails like this maybe not good for there buisness.

Nails is not only about pink and white maybe the color powders not number one now because not many lady do but how do u know is not going to be number 1 in future .

I am sorry sam but color acrylic will come to the west very big the asian techs and ezflow techs will make that happen in your country when they many do .

And the customers will want because the nails are too beautifull for them not to want .

Mui from Thailand
sawasdee ka

And that was my 3 baht worth :)

I will bet you 1 botle whiskey by 2007 color acrylics will be more then pink and white for customer .

Mui from Thailand
sawasdee ka sam

And 1 more thing i want to speak .

Young lady about have 21 same me now who do not have nail because she not want pink and white when she see the color acrylic nails very beautifull she maybe want .

So i speak this maybe new market for future .

B4 the market was not ready but now it is sure .

Now you have my 300 baht worth :biggrin:

Mui from Thailand
mui said:
sawasdee ka

And that was my 3 baht worth :)

I will bet you 1 botle whiskey by 2007 color acrylics will be more then pink and white for customer .

Mui from Thailand
Ill happily win or lose this bet with you mui ;)

I think its great how excited and passionate you are about coloured powders. There are tons of people that are. It isnt my intention to say they are not worth mastering, I was only pointing out that the core clientelle of medium to high end salons do not ask for funky nails of any kind. That isnt to say that there are not tons of people in the mid to high range that love and wear funky nails, but rather that the vast majority in those levels of salons dont.

Why? Because the core clientelle that frequent mid to high range salons are working professionals and as much as they love hearts embeded in nails, they can no more get away with it than walking into the office with a red mohawk.

I agree its worth mastering, but once again I see the strength in coloured systems being via custom colour blending instead of funked design work...

Personally, its the professionals that I like to cater to more than students and young adults as they can better budget time and money (plus they can better afford me ;) )

But then again... thats just my loose sense worth :D
sawasdee ka

Things change all the time i can see change from only looking the boards for only 9 months many :biggrin: .

If a nail tech does not do color acrylics in the future in your country she maybe will have to find new job doing only pink and white will not be good enough it will be like opening resturant can only cook chicken and not pork :) .

Because when the nails i see come to your country many lady will change from pink and white and young lady will want for sure .

The new market :cool:

yes many will stay with pink and white only because they like but do not think by teaching only pink and white you will helping some young girl in buisness because she will only be able to do part of the nail techs job .

Sam geeg is going to be sooooooooo angry me why you make me speak what is in my head :| . you are very bad some times my sister speak all the time :green:

Mui from Thailand
sawasdee ka

After when we open my salon in England we will want the young professional that go out all the time buying nice clothes and want beautifull nails :biggrin: they can afford me :cool: pink and white color 3 d encassed yes we can do madam .

We will do pink and white but will offer all sevices all systems all colors and use the products the customer wants why i want customer to go another salon if i can not do .

I do not know what you know about japan nail industry i see tom holcombe and some other techs farang there i think japan is in front of England now but England will follow like they do with many thing later .

I want to let you know i have sister in England now she look everything nail for now 3 week have 1 more week i know about little bit nail your country .

Mui from Thailand
Sure I know Tom goes over to Japan a lot, from what I understand... one of the distributors pay him quite handsomly to go over frequently.
I havent been to Japan for a couple of years, but I dont particularly think the industry is very large at all.
Artistic? Yup. Talented? Sure. Ahead of other countries? Not really in my opinion. Its far too difficult and expensive for people to budget for regular nail enhancement care to make it as viable of an industry as it is in other countries.

BTW: Out of all the places in the world I have gone... Japan is my favorite. :green:
Hiya Just thought i would put my 10pence worth in.
At the moment on my clients i do mainly coloured tips and some encased designs :biggrin: But i also love to do my 3d work and do have some people who want that. I believe that although coloured powders have been around for years now, The range of colours now on offer and the knowledge and flexability of these products will in the future make them as big as P&W are now.
Sawasdee ka sam

Well maybe is time for a visit to japan .

Because this is what 2 japan nail techs who come in my salon speak to me.

7 years ago you have to go look for a salon if you want nails but about 4 years ago the nail industry realy start and 2 years ago it start to get very big .

Now education for nail school is very exspensive and products is very exspensive same but they have big money for making nails i have photos of inside japans nail salons and very very very beautifull the nails are beautifull and the nail art .

On my last post i should speak japan is in front of England color 3 d acrylics i realy beleive this nails will be very good for buisness in future in west do not forget it have only take japan short time to do this .

I not want to speak no good .

There is a big future for this nails you have my 1 baht worth .

Mui from the land of smiles
mui said:
Sam geeg is going to be sooooooooo angry me why you make me speak what is in my head Mui from Thailand

Hi MUi!!! Gigi is not a bit mad with you and why should I be?? I really do not dislike nail art (except on me :sad: it looks awful and I hate it after the first day :biggrin: ). The reason I put up the poll, was to see how many people are doing anything really creative with it. The sad fact is, that altho there may be talented trechs who can create lovely designs, the customers will not PAY for the time it takes to have it done. They go for something more simple that doesn't take too long to do or cost them too much (like coloured tips.

I AGREE with you that technicians need to be taught how to use the coloured powders to be well rounded technicians able to offer everything anyone wants. I myself created or re-creacted Anthony's beautiful 'grape' design the other day and it looked gorgeous ... I was pleased that I hadn't lost all my artistic talent as I was an artist/painter before I ever got into nails!! I used the Creative coloured powders and mixed my own shades for the work.

The Japanese nail artists are the best in the world!! No doubt about it. I have never seen such technically perfect work by any other artists anywhere. and I'm sure in Thailand too ... but it is hot and sunny there and the whole nail art thing seems to go so well with that ambience.

I know that beautiful airbrushed art has been available for years in the USA and in the UK, but still, the clients do not have anything too intricate in the way of design because it is too expensive. Of course there are some devotees that wil pay anything to get their nails noticed by I am speaking generally. So why are clients not taking up that option either?

How do you charge for your time??? or are customers in Thailand willing to pay more than the clients in the UK?
sawasdee ka geeg

The nails that are being made are not like a nail art they are colored nails with encassed flowers hearts from color powders and other designs some with encassed flowers and clear over this nails are very beautifull and are fashion in asia very big in japan and some other part of asia like i speak b4 the nail is new Thailand but have educators here today in phuket from europe and june have from america them will teach .

The pink and whites cost here about 1500 baht for 1 set the colored nails are 2800 3000 and not forget in Thailand we cheap for 1 set many girl come ask for the nails if you can not do you lose customer them go another salon can do.

I have so many photos of beautifull colored nails the techs in japan are having very big money for making this nails but more important the nails beautifull .

I can only speak about what i see and i think the nails will come to other countrys for sure .

For a nail tech in buisness will be good for future to do this nails and the pink and whites sure .

If we speak straight and want to be number 1 nail tech we must learn all systems very good and this nails is another for learn for future because they will be good for buisness sure .

Mui from the land of smiles
I do understand about the encased nail art and the 3d etc. But what I am querying is why are you so sure it will take off in other countries when airbrushing and other types of nail art haven't taken off so well?

I know they are beautiful but so also can first class airbrushing be beautiful, and it doesn't take so long.

I sincerely hope that it does take off as you predict, because we sell coloured powders and they are really easy to mix and you don't have to buy so many that are already mixed making them very cost efficient. I guess we will see eh???
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