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Jan 9, 2003
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Leeds, UK
Happened across an article in Company Magazine this morning and about dropped a load in my pants.

It is about 4 pages of pure horror that manages to put nails about 10 years backward in the consumer front.

In it is a lovely ANT person going on about how untrained techs cause Fungus, Mould, and can spread HIV in the salon.

Eh? WTF?
  • Never once seen a fungal infection on fingernails
  • Mould is never going to grow on a fingernail
  • You have a better chance catching HIV from door knobs.

ANT should be ashamed for perpetuating such myths. This is supposed to be an Association of Nail Techs to help the industry not hinder it.
Whoever is supposed to be in PR and deal with consumer editors should be at least moderately trained.

Sorry to go off on one but it really makes me irate after the years of telling consumers how bogus this stuff is only to feel like one of our own has pulled the rug out from under our feet.

I will be officially writing to ANT to complain. I will also write a professional letter to Company outlining some of the errors with the piece in hopes maybe they will question their sources a little closer or maybe do a slightly brighter piece on nails at a later date.

I encourage you to write to ANT and ask what the problem is. This type of article really hurts the industry as a whole. :gun:
Could you send me a copy of that article.
Have just come to the end of my latest Fairy Tale, so could do with another fictional read.
Love Ruth xxxx
yes i was shocked to when i see it!! hope it dosent put alot of people off!!
didnt like the way there is no postive side to it
goes to show you can not belive what you read,
the bit where it says a set should take 90mins, not 45 i personally havent heard that before!
good luck with your complaint,
love trace xx
Company magazine...the mag for females yea?! Lol! if so, i get that!! Havent got this issue though, will go to the shops tomorrow, buy it, read it, gasp no doubt, then write to the mag and complain! Big up the nail techs and give the mag a telling off for publishing such cr :? p

Which magazine is it, I`d like to have a look and I for one will write and complain.
Yep just read the article :shock:
After reading it I thought if I was looking into having my nails done I think I would have second thoughts (scary)
After years of building up the nail industry in the UK which have some of the best techs around :D then Ant ( of which I am a member ) turn our customers away .......I dont pay them for that sort of publicity and it sure dont help.
Your right on this one Sam words need to be spoken.
Take Care Dawnie xx
What! :D I'm gonna go out at lunchtime and get a copy and write a letter of complaint too!

I was thinking of joining ANT, but now I don't see what benifits I would get for my money! :(

Someone Pleeeeezze tell me where I can see this article. I`m with you Karen, I`ve been trying to get hold of someone at ANT for a while (to no avail) with a view to joining but I`m really cautious now.
Is this the same magazine that shows the horror stories of customers nails?

My friend was saying she was reading a magazine the other day when she was in London, and it showed different people's nails after they had been to Nail Technicians. :(

Some had bloody cuticles, and one customer said that the nail technician went to rip her nail enhancement off of her nail with household plyers! :twisted:

I haven't seen it myself though. If it isn't the same article then it looks like more than one place is out to get at us! :evil:
It's in 'Company' magazine - should be in your newsagents!

It's so sad as I know lots of young women regard these magazines as an authority on fashion and beauty - this is gonna do so much damage to the nail industry. I know all my friends will be questioning me about it!!!

I'll get a copy a lunctime and try and scan it in when I get home (my scanner's a bit temperamental though!)

Debbie the mag is called Company

beautifulnails03 yep its the same article as your freind was reading

Take care Dawnie xxx
Well, I suppose that is better in a weird way. But still it's not good knowing that people have seen the article and are talking about it! I am just starting this weekend, and it is bound to have put a few people of so I'm sure that will do my business a whole load of good! :x

As if it wasn't going to be tough enough already! :x
The Geek screwed up here. Big time. :oops: :oops:

It turns out it isnt an ANT rep... it is Alison Honeybun from Ten Nails who had the silliness to say.

Do not bitch to ANT please... I misread it.
If it wasnt for Mrs Geek... I would have never noticed as the article is a bit squiffy that way.

Other than that... all my complaints still stand!

Sorry everyone...

I was thinking that when I re-read the article at midnight last night, but thought I must be tired!! Do you think there is any chance she was misquoted or that they may have rewritten what she said in the journalists own words?? Happens.....

I'm sure this article will feature in our trade mags, so maybe they will ask her to justify what she has said...

I know what you mean about misquotes and journalists.

Its a problem that goes hand in hand in writing articles. No fault on either side (usually)... but...
I dont see how someone could misquote the mould anf fungus thing... the HIV comment didnt seem to be a quote from anyone but surely someone would have mentioned it?!?

Go figure
I haven`t been able to get the magazine and would like to read THAT article. It would be great if someone could scan and send me a copy of it.
As for someone pulling off an enhancment with pliers Beautiful, I know someone who had the same done to her when she went back a day after having them done and one had seriously lifted. It was at one of those non-English places (you know the ones I mean) and after trying to deny doing the nails, they sat her down and ripped it off to redo it. DISGUSTING, and they`re still trading
Yep just re read the article and noticed Alison Honeybun name
Hi gang,
Just read the article, well to me it looks like the writer got a few facts threw them in a hat and picked out the gory stuff, never mind the truth.

I just read on the side of the last page 76 in very small wording,
Words: Marie-Clare Dorking, Photographie: Getty Images,Corbis,Science Photo Libary, Wellcome Photo Libary

So maybe a word is needed with Marie-Claire Dorking and ask her how she got all those facts?????
Hey Sam maybe you could???? you are very up on the fun-guy named fungy!!!!!!
Love Ruth xxx
I deal with consumer mags ALL the time (I'd like to add that the beauty eds of Company are lovely) I have no idea who this Dorking person is :?: I am so angry :arg: at this - the supposed 'Education director/co-ordinator - whatever - 10 Nails talking about mold (WATER TURNING GREEN AND GOING STAGNANT - PUUURLEEESES), AND sterilisation of nails when we all know THAT is an impossibiliy - sanitise YES, sterilise NO (unless of course we were torchoring the poor things) - will keep you all posted. My reckoning is, if they can print an incredibly damaging article like this, lumping ALL nailt teks as the same, then they sure as hell MUST be able to print 3 pages of positive feedback with beautiful images of nails! Watch this damn space women!!!

ERRR do I sound a little mad???? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :shock:
:D Yay! :D
Not at all, the sooner the better! Then I can get a copy and put it in the Tanning Salon to encourage customers that nails can actually look really nice and that I'm not going to rip their nails off! :shock:
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