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louise holah

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Oct 6, 2003
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Goole, East yorkshire
hi everyone.
i am competing in the virgins tip and overlay catagory at gmex in manchester on sonday! i was wondering if any one has got any advice or tips as this is my first nail comp!

use 'Search' and look up competition! This question has been answered in detail before so this should help you!!! ;)
Good luck Louise :)
hiya louise :D
hope you got my pm.
good luck, & make sure you say hello on sunday!
lol liza xx
good luck Louise! :D
like Samantha said look up pass posts about competing
i found everyone on this site v helpful and encouraging before the nail comp at excel that i was suposed to be entering but unfortunately i was late (we took the wrong junction on the M25! am still yet to compete but im not giving up and its olympia for me next year!

Well love we wish you good luck...........
I am sure we will see you there.............We are also competing, the more the merrier me thinks !!!!!!!
You will be fab..............
Listen to any advice Liza has to offer, she rocks in Competition Nails and Salon Nails.........................

Lots of luck and love Ruth xxxxx
good luck hun .... goody goody someone else in virgins make sure you say hello to me you wont miss me i am the one with faye-michelle king written on the back of my top that layla kindly mad me (cheers little sis)..........

again good luck and as ruthy baby (aka my mummy) said listen to anything liza says as she ROCKS .......................
As do all of you lot on here ..... well wish me luck (as i sit here with everything crossed) ...............

see you all sunday and make sure you nudge me to say hello as i may not see you :( :oops:

love faye xxxxxxxxx ;)
Thanks for all the lovely wishes of good luck!
I have found loads of advice from this website it rocks! Really glad i found it!
I also had some brilliant advice from liza smith, Good luck to liza!
Good luck to all of you who are competing and i hope to see you all there and put some faces to names!
wishing you all the best of luck girlies!!!! Ruthy, remember to have a voddy and orange for me as i wont be there to support the ESSEX GIRLS!!!!!!!

GO KICK SOME SERIOUS BUTT LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Without breaking any nails layla............. he he!!

if any of you pick up the pro nails mag on your walk abouts check us out in ESSEX salons on page 15, and ruths write up on page 60, (wonderful babe, well said me thinks!!!!).

So anyway, good luck, and remember to HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Don't worry Nikki...I got those stiletoe shoes remember ;-);-);-)

Good luck to all the competition geeks!! :-D

You all know I'll be thinking about you don't you???

I think about 10 people have said they'll phone me so ... to guarantee it, I'll send a prize to the first one who does!!! Not saying what it will be but ... something nice and naily!!

XXX and Good Luck XXX
go girlies....................... :fire:
manchester won't know what's hit them :D
cu all there
lol liza xx
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