Competition fever HELP!!!!!!!!!


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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
Sam,Samantha and Geeg and all of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right girls need your input here......
Got my checklist ready for Sunday..............
Lamp, Extension lead, spare bulb, fuses, desk towles, paper towels,water spray,nice table display, santitising box, taking the whole desk contents with

So it's as in the stuff I use all the time for work,etc.
But which files and buffers and how may ???................
I need to put my order in so what do you think..................

As I am using FABRIC# Silk overlay and French Tips I thought...........
100/180 grit x 10 for shaping and pre-blending (just incase I break some)
White blocks x 10 for finish of Fabric# (just incase i loose some)
Koala x5 for smoothing out the litte scratches
Girlfriend x5 for shining them like there is no tomorrow, these are only to be used on the left plain hand, so I thought 1 for each finger.............
will this be enough ?????

All the other stuff is what I would normaly use in the salon................
So have I got it covered lol

love Ruth xxxxxx
Hi Ruth
don't forget your red polish for the other hand, I feel very excited for you & hope you do very well, there will be no stopping you after this one lol, I hear it can be very addictive
I'm sure there will be loads of us cheering you on and someone is bond to have a vodka orange waiting for you when you finnish
Best luck and wishes Susanne
hiya ruthie :D
is the reality starting to hit home now! :shock:
the worst thing is that you dont know exactly what to expect
you will be fine :D
just a few things...
if possible pack your bag via a checklist & keep that checklist 4 nxt time(yes, there will b a nxt time!!)
the absolutly worst thing that can happen is either you get caught up & r late or you forget something crutial :(
in 10 yrs of competeing both of these has happened once to me.
sometimes things r beyond your control, but if you r prepared, which i know you will b, then apart from the intervention of fate you will b fine :D
we have already disscused red enamel, have u gone with those?
i think 5 100/180 grits (slightly used once, to avoid abrasions)
3 x blocks
2 x koalas
it is also a good idea to have 1 of each abrasive that is pretty worn in, just in case you run short of time & need to work a bit sharpish :shock:
i also like to have a kanga board to fine finish around the cuticle line (this may not b as necessary with fabric as l & p)
keep the balance between having enough just in case, & cluttering up your space.
as ive told you, we don't know how much space we'll get on our tables untill we get there, it varies greatly.
the only other thing is my "mummy" advise;
have an early night sat. & don't drink, u need a clear head :shock:
save the drinking till sun. night :D :D
if you need to chat to reassure yourself nearer the time, ring me :D
lol liza xx
Hi ruth,

big hugs and kisses for sunday, i'll see you there. xxxxxx

i would however use a new girlfriend for each nail because red shows up everything including the finest of scratches!! only a suggestion though, see what liza thinks but that what i always do, even with fibreglass.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Aww Ruthy, you're gonna be greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!
You've got loooadsa support from us Geekettes :) and you're gonna be dressed in the finest ;-);-) Your nails are FAB so jus relax and let the filing'n'buffing begin ;-)

Love yah xx

Hi Ruth

You will have the best time on Sunday, you sound so prepared.

Remember to take your brush out of your bag.............yeh I have forgotten it once. Not much fun sitting there with nothing to do for the rest of the comp it is a little bugger remember to double check its exsistence.

I mentally run through the order of products to be used as I pack to ensure the everything makes it into the bag.

I would reccommend at least ten girlfriends and discard after using on each nail, even the hand to be painted. Remind your model of which hand is to be painted, if the choice is not yours, so if you get flustered she will know.

In OZ, we can talk during a comp which helps create an in salon environment and I recommend it to you, as the nails you do are always of the best quality in the salon.

Basically have fun and and enjoy

One tip that I always give ... maybe you know this already from some of the experienced on this board ...

Finish and buff the hand that is going to be painted FIRST... GET IT PAINTED AND ...then spend ALL the rest of your time finishing the unpainted hand.

This way the paint has got ages to dry... you're not painting under pressure, and it is done and out of the way and you can forget about it. also less chance of your model smuging it too. :oops:

Good luck to all the competitors and thank you for competing with Fabric# and Creative ... you guys are just the best. can't wait to see all of you.
Thanks for all the comments...............

Liza, yep got the colours we spoke about one of each and so has Faye lol.......Great advice about taking old files..........makes sense!!!!!!!
Got my checklist all done and printed........ so it's being put in my case, a bit each night lol....................Hubby thinks I am eloping with a nail client underwear just a lot of nail stuff ..... well what else does a girl need at exel........... Well a T-Shirt lol .................

Geeg, yep that way i have more time finishing the unpolished hand and can spend devoting my time to buffing it to glass like shine....great advice, that you gave me sometime in July lol ............

Cherie, thanks for the advice, but as I am doing Fabric# the resin based system my trusted Basil Brush will have to stay at home.............
But good idea, to keep the environment at close to your used to one...... So chatting will be on the list, if permitted lol ..............

Layla, I will feel great in that T-shirt that you have so kindly created for me and the other 3 lol........... So thanks babe xxxxxxxx

nikki-la-la, yep just ordered all my girlfriends, so I will be buffing till the clock runs out lol ...........

Dawnie, my best friend, thanks for all the support and laughs over the last few weeks, been a lousy time, but you have made a huge difference and helped me to get over things much better then you will ever ya loads.................

I just hope there will be a voddy and orange at the end of all this lol..........
Oh yea the omens are good.............. It's my 7th wedding anniversary on the day.................So hey it's got to be a fab day, the one 7 years ago was..........

Thanks to all for help, support and the sound advice....
Love Ruth xxxxxxxx
Don't forget a small metal bin for your rubbish!!! I didn't see that on the list and it's great for points!! Nikki-La-La's suggestion is cool - Ketan always used to get the shine he did because of using 1 Girlfriend for each nail!!! Best of Luck Babe and can't wait to see you all!!! xx :thumbsup: :salute:
Hey Ruth
What r freinds for ;) I will have everything crossed for you on Sunday at Excel ( so can you make a point of letting me know when you have finished coz I might need a wee :D )
You deserve all the luck in the world babe you have so much talent along with being one of the nicest people I know, just do your best for your mum she will be so proud.
See you Sunday
Take care love you lots
Dawnie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Ruth,
Along with that fab new tee from Layla dont forget to wear a smile, the whole board is rooting for ya - and I think on Sunday most of us will literally be right behind you!
I'm so excited for you and Faye - cant wait for Sunday!
Nailsinlondon1 said:
I just hope there will be a voddy and orange at the end of all this lol..........

And guess who'll have that waiting for you babe xxxx

;) ;) ;)
Cheers for that Samantha, got the little bin next to the case, just forgot to put it on the list.................
Waiting for my order from Loughton to arrive, Girlfriend buffers galore, loads of Koala's but no eucalyptus leaves lol, well thats what they feed on, ain't it ?????
Small bottle of acetone just incase, a soak off, is needed............
Fuses incase the plug :twisted: goes, spare :idea: bulb incase the light goes, spare knickers incase :oops: :oops: :oops: ???? only kidding.....................
So I think we are getting there, but I think the next Comp will be easier, just gonna leave the stuff in the case ready for the next time :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
So girls thanks for the huge support, it means so much to me and of course Faye..............

So see ya all there.............
But if you think of anything else, please post it and I will pack it lol

Thanks love ya all xxxxx
Ruth xxxxxxxxxx
well hi guys sorry i have not posted annything for a while but i have been housesitting for my sister-in-law while she lives it up in orlando (which is where i am supposed to be :( )
anyway i would just like to say thanks for all the wishes of luck that everyone has been sending to me and mother itsn great to know that everyone is rooting for us and the others that are competeing, i am excited now i have got my case all packed and ready and lucky for me my model also works at the salon where i do so i am keeping a close eye on her and her nails .................
cant wait to see evryone on sunday so make sure there is a voddy and orange waiting for me to .......................
also thanks layla baby for the wicked t shirts i will be wearing it with pride and also a cheeky smile as always
love faye xxxxxxxxxxxx
You are gonna be wicked and we are all behind ya in full support. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Ruth & Faye,

Do your best and your best will shine through............ and i'm sure you both won't have to try too hard cos we all know how good you are!!

You gotta win for the ESSEX BIRDS (as samantha puts it.... lol, lol, lol,).

oh, and forget the orange............... JUST MAKE MINE A VODKA!!!!!!!!!!

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