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Apr 28, 2003
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I have a newly qualified nail technician on my patch, undercutting my prices. She has put her flyers in all the local places, shop windows, playschools, surgeries, etc.
I know we have a lot of competition out there and its something we all have to deal with but does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get more bums in my hotseat while she is doing this.
I`m hoping in the long run, my clients will stay with me because they get a good service and will continue to put out the good word and although this new lady is new it doesn`t mean she isn`t any good but I`m bound to slow down a bit while she is advertising and undercutting me.
Any suggestions will be great
Hi ya Debs,

What a shame this lady doesn't have the confidence in her ability to charge the same price as you!

I'm sure others will give you some good advice. All I can say is keep doing lovely, natural pink and whites with Creative products and your customers will keep coming back to you.

I for one wouldn't go to a new Nail Technician purely because she was cheep - In fact, I'd pay to go to the more expensive person thinking that I would get a more superior service. And if I think that, I'm sure others do and those are the clients you want. Clients who love and appreciate your work and will take care of their nails.

I know from your posts that you work hard and are conscientious. A little competition is healthy - it makes us push for more!

Good luck!

Thanks Karen, I`m not bothered about having competition or that she is undercutting me.
I`m a little bothered about my business slowing down while people will be giving her a go as she is in your face, everywhere I look she has a flyer. Mine have been taken down for her one, don`t know if that was what she said to get hers there or if she has just put it there and taken mine down herself.
I don`t know if I need to place an ad myself or just sit it out, I`m not sure I can do either financially.
I have a newly qualified nail technician on my patch, undercutting my prices. She has put her flyers in all the local places, shop windows, playschools, surgeries, etc.

Well Debs look at it this way:" We all had to start somewhere".
How did everybody else start of, the same way as this new ~technician~.
usualy newbies charge less, because they think there work is worth less!!!!
I am sorry that this is worrying you, but at the end of the day competition is good for business. I think you area taking it all to much to heart hun, she is trying to get established like we all did, and just think back.............

At the end of the day, your work will speak for it's self and if clients are happy with your service will remain loyal. I am not saying that some of them wont try her out, that's human nature........................
But once they have been there, the curiosity usually goes and then they just want the best service available.

I had Nails Inc open up on Ludgate Hill right bang opposite me, did I worry, yes cause I did...... (Big Company 9 nails stations, super dooper layout, fab displays), where as and this was the shop Faye was in...........looked like something from the ark.................
Did it slow my business down, a little...............
So what did I do...............
Made sure that our standard went beyond expectation...........
We never said a bad word against them...or made comments about there work.....We even introduced our selfs........
Most of our clients popped in there....just to be nosey I think lol..........
And then what happened next, they all came back and said, well nice shop, nice girls but there ain't you or faye................
So back to business as usual..............

9 Months later they shut down , due to lack of interest and hey we are still in business.......................
We have 4 more Nail Techs working in our area , hate the phrase my patch, cause they have as much right to be there as we do......sorry Debs , nothing personal.................

We work together in a very plain and simple way: If we are fully booked and Faye is too, we will refer clients to them, and they do the same for us, this way every body is happy....................
So my advice would be chill, know your stuff, remain professional and you never know , this newbie could become even a friend one day........

love Ruth xxxx
Thanks for your input girls, like I said its not the competition thats bothering me or even the lower price, just a bit scary knowing that for a bit my business is bound to slow a bit because there is someone else in their faces they can go too.
Like you say, I started somewhere so I have to be understanding.
What I forgot to say is that she is taking down my flyers to put hers up.......that I find is very underhand and makes it very hard for me to approach her and wish her luck in her venture.
But hey, I`VE PASSED so who cares now anyway
debbiepromotions said:
But hey, I`VE PASSED so who cares now anyway

YEE HAAA - Told you - you could do it!! Well Done!!

You sound and must be soooo pleased hard work but well worth it in the end you can hold your head up high now and get to meeting all of your clients needs!

Lou xxx :D
Way to go Debs ![/quote]
Well done Debs - really pleased for you :D . Doing my Creative foundation in August and getting nervous already!
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