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Aug 15, 2003
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North Yorkshire
can any one tell me how brushes gt contaminated? i have'nt used my prostyler for ahes and i cleaned it with monomer the other day and squeezed it through a nail wipe and right at the top there was a yellowish tinge. Shall i bin it?
hi that happened to me and i ended up getting a new brush ,its a total bummer,but there u go, take care love dee
heaven only knows what i did to the poor baby!!! never mind good excuse to invest in the top of the range brush hehe.
One of the most common ways for a brush to get contaminated at the ferrule (as yours is) is to leave the brush standing upright when you store it when not in use. The old monomer sits in the ferrule and evaporates and leaves this gunky stuff.

Store your brush clean, dry and flat in a case when not in use and this is much less likely to happen.
i was taught to always stand my brush up with the bristles at the bottom as if you don't the monomer will go into the metal bit and it will rust and contaminate the brush, is this incorrect!

What is correct is not to let the monomer get into the ferrule of the brush ... it's kind of difficult to store a brush bristles down, but it is better han the other way around!.

Lying flat in a case, out of the dust etc is the better option.
A good trick is to store it in the end of a pipette! Nothing can touch it and always keep it flat.

Without a good brush, its hard to do good nails.
chocolate said:
A good trick is to store it in the end of a pipette! Nothing can touch it and always keep it flat.

Hi Rach!! Hope you're well...the only problem I have heard with your suggestion is that pipettes are plastic and the monomer in the brush can react with it make the brush bristles stick to the insides of the pipette. If you have never had this happen - tell us your secret xx ;) :idea: so we know what to do!!! :thumbsup:
Yo missymoo

I keep my brush (bristle end! :rolleyes: ) in the end of a pipette!! Tracey told us too!! :oops: And the bristles havent stuck to the inside of it :p . The bristles of the brush are right at the end of the pipette - nice and roomy.


I used to keep my brush in a pipette and upright with no trouble. I now have a coffin and after a couple of times laying it in there I now have a contaminated brush :(
How can we keep liquid out of the ferral if we emerse the whole brush in the liquid within application procedure
You just dont want to have any excess liquid left in the brush or to allow the brush to dry against the side of a plastic surface.

Hope this helps
Hi Sam, hope you are well to.
Im glad i am not the only one who does it! I have used the pipette method for about 6 months after getting the idea from a student! I make sure my brush is cleaned with monomer, pop it in the large end of a pipette, and hey presto, perfect brush! I think its luck to, life would not be worth living without a pro styler!
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