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Peter Pan

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Feb 29, 2004
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Hartlepool UK
hi its me again

well TOMORROW is conversion course day - i cant wait. i keep looking at the clock wishing it would hurry up so i can go to bed, that way tomorra will come quicker:lol: .

and to think - i thought opi was the best - sorry opi - not any more - im a creative gal now:lol:

so whats the next step im wondering :idea: yes i know - i think ill book for the MASTER CLASSES:D think that one will have to wait till ive used this wonderful product for a while

good luck tomorrow have a really good time
thanks chuck - i intend to - ooooh its so exciting i could jump of a dolls house hehhe
Good luck i bet you will have a great time as everyone does, you must let us know how it goes.

Happy learning.

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