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Jun 2, 2005
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Yesterday a lady came in my salon:
Lady - "I have broken a nail, do you do gel"?
Me - "No I only use acrylic it's what i have the most faith in"?
Lady - "Oh no had them before and they ruin your nails"?
Me - "I do not believe acrylic is more harmful than gel, any cover will change the nail slightly but not to a great extent"
Lady - "I'll just buy a file to file it down".
So I sold here a file.
Lady - "Are they your own nails"?
Me - "No extensions"
Lady - "Do you do your own"?
Me - "Yes"
Lady - "Yours look very different to mine"
My client - "Oh yours look horrible really think and fake, had mine like that before i came here"
Lady - "Can you put 1 on my broken nail"?
So I repaired her nail. But my god i could not get the gel to soak off! So had to file it! Dont even believe it was gel.
Lady - "It looks different, really clear and healthy"
Hers were thick bumpy and cloudy.
Me - "Its just a different system, thats why i like it" (didn't want to be rude about her tech)
Lady - "Well you can't leave me like this. when can you fit me in to have them all done"?
Well i'me chuffed to bits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!
great news for you..the gel she said she had on could well have been a file off gel..not all gels soak off.
I have to agree with Bagpuss... Congrats!
lol! Excellent - well done you (and your client).:)
Well done you!

YEAH!!! Changing one client at a time. Good for you about not bashing the other client I hear that alot about others work and how they can do better. Very professional
Good on you girl,
thats the way to do it :hug:
Good on ya, Babycakes! And extra kudos for not bashing her tech's job even though it was rubbish. I've heard so many beauty techs badmouth the client's previous tech while working on them (OMG, who did this to your nails, hair, skin, etc?! It's just awful!) and it makes me cringe. Diplomacy is a lost art but you handled it beautifully!:cool:
Diplomatic, friendly, charming etc etc etc. All these things we have to do day in day out and we don't always feel like it. KEEP SMILING (through gritted teeth.) lol :green:
fantastic ! well done , thats the sort of client you want , she will go tell all her mates now just how fab you are !! :green:
very classy way to handle mate!! kuuuudo's!:green:

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