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Jan 3, 2012
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Hi,i have been doin nails for about 6 months now,just wondered if anyone else has had problems with their skin,im currently waiting on a hosp app but im starting to think it could be the nail products,my skin is so itchy that i have a rash from my chest right up its started on my face its just constantly itchy even my arms have started itching,have been to the docs twice as i have got up in the morning and my eyes have all been swollen up and my skin round my eyes are sore,yet nothing on my hands,anyone else had this??its driving me mad!!:evil::rolleyes:
Yes I have this & at one point the doctors thought I had Shingle Eye ! My whole side of my face was really badly affected & my one eye was shut. My face reacted badly to my product (because whilst I worked I would rub my face). Now I know what the problem is I where gloves during removal of the gel & never let my hands touch my face. I remain problem free so long as I work by these rules. The moment I rub my face I can guarantee to wake up & have facial blotching, bloating etc... I was able to change my working practises which took no time at all enabling me to continue working with my chosen system.

All systems are subject to reactions if we dont work 'clever' same goes for hairdressers so its best to get into the habit of good working practises to protect yourself to ensure no reactions can occur in the first place .. xx
could you use a mask? especially with all the filing with gels the dust, im sure its well full of chemicals that irritate skin
A good vacuum type filter and nitrile gloves may help. You might also try switching brands. I'm allergic to a lot of gels(gelish, ibd) and Cnd retention. No problem with shellac, ibd just gel, or cnd radical, tho.

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Do you realize you touch your face hundreds of times a day?

It could be nail product related many of our products could do this
- I have seen it happen badly on face before. It is very unusual to not see at least some irritation on hands/fingers at the same time...
(of course some are much more hypoallergenic within the category. eg brisa within gel. Retention+ for liquid & powder and shellac for hybrid gel polish...)

Irritation is based on contact. The more contact the greater the irritation, hence we expect to see it on fingers and hands as they are so much more exposed

However with hair dressers and hair colour I have seen exposure spread in much more unusual ways from rinsing. A lot of irritation and problems on arms and face where it is spread. Para used in colours is a very high irritant that can one day suddenly become an allergy...
Just like nail techs far too many hair dressers have to give up from over exposure and allergy problems ...

The only way to know for sure is to either eliminate all contact and slowly introduce them one by one until the reaction occurs or have a full allergy test done to find the chemical family of reaction..

Good luck
hi just wanted to say thanks for the advice,when i was doing hairdressing i alse had dermatitis but as long as i wore gloves i was fine,so i have started to wear gloves now but have found the tips of my fingers and nails are really sore,dnt no if it mite be the latex so goin to try nitrile gloves see if there any better also wearing long sleeve top but have found my skin still itchy around my eyes and arms also have a ventilation filter,maybe as u say i need to stop contact all tog till it gets better then try people really have to give up due to this problem!
Hey chick,

unfortunatly many nail techs and hairdressers have to give up due to allergic reaction.

Of note - this is a totally avoidable issue, and you should have had this drummed into you at training...
"overexposure is defined as; repeated and prolonged exposure at levels above those recommended by safety organisations"

In other words, if you did not over expose yourself you would not become allergic...
Allergys are a histamine reactions where an irritant has come in contact with soft tissue hair and nail plate are non reactive...

Once allergic, always allergic...

the fact that you were already having skin issues with hairdressing is a warning bell ... you are quite sensative - Doug Schoon always would say "blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, be fair warned..." You are more likely to be reactive with those attributes....

If you search for allergic or allergys in the search bar, you will find far too many threads about this completely avoidable problem...

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