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Apr 21, 2004
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I'v just finished airbrushing my own nails and 2 of then show cracking all over the nail, have i put too much paint on them? (i was blending 2 colours)

Also is the a easy way of keeping the finger clean when airbrushing, im getting it all over the place and finding it hard to get the paint off?

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Vicky x
Did you use a base coat before you airbrushed your nails?

The paint does usually crack if it goes on 'wet'. You need to spray in very light strokes, so a very very fine mist of paint comes out, and is dry as soon as it hits the nail.
Whilst you're practising, you will most likely find that it goes al over your fingers!! Try brushing a tiny amount of cuticle oil or vaseline around the edges of your finger, so that the paint will rub straight off when you're finished!
It's always worth it to go on a course if you can, because it will not only teach you how to airbrush, but they also show you how to care for/clean your airbrush.
Hope this has helped!
another way to keep fingers clean is to use a form on the cuticle area.
I read somewhere that certain top coats can cause cracking, I think you need to use a nail art sealer??
Thanks for that i will try and airbrush finer. I did go on a but its different when your learning on a finger rest or board! i didnt think your finger would get in such a mess. The oil is a good one and il try it.

I did base coat it maybe i got the 2 fingers wet....i'l keep on trying!! :)

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