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hi Rhonda, unfortunatly i cant help you with your problem, only perhaps to suggest the obvious and that is are you sure you are'nt getting to close to the side walls? also are you using radical or retention + and if so do you use a primer?
also, excuse me if i sound dumb! but what is SF you talked about? i dont think ive ever heard of that.
im sure someone will hear your cry for help and put you out of your missery soon. good luck steph


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May 25, 2003
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I need some help from the experts. I have been doing nails for almost two years and I am still not perfect yet. Trying though! LOL! Here is the trouble that I am having.....I seem to get a lot of lifing at the sides. Cuticle area is always good, but sides lift. I don't seem to be getting a good seal there. I feel I am prepping correctly. I use a curette to remove the non-living tissue and I am scrubbing with Scrub Fresh and I even have tried using SF a second time on a cotton-tipped orange wood stick to really get into the sides. Still lifing at the sides. When applying acrylic to the nail, I am placing the ball, pressing in the middle, to one side, the other side and then smoothing with light wipes.

Help! This is drivig me crazy!! :shock:
Hi Rhonda,
a couple of things to think about, did you make sure you removed the shine from the sidewall area of the nails? Was the acrylic sealed to the sidewall area of the nail? If not then use the very tip of your brush to pat it down, but make sure you dont touch the surrounding skin

Vanessa ;)
There are 2 things that you have to check and I'm sure one of them will work - or both.

Your prep I don't think is the problem - sounds just right to me.

1. Make sure the nail is not damp with the ScrubFresh (SF). If the surface is not DRY product will not adhere well to the nail EVEN if it is damp with SF. Some people use too much of this and too much is a problem.

2. Remember PRESS & SMOOTH??
Well it sounds as if you are having no problem pressing in the centre (no one does) but a lot of people just smooth the product down the sides instead of press press pressing the product down on to those side walls.

I NEVER have used primer of ANY kind for more than 10 years and lifting is not a problem for me BUT I do make sure I make the product come into contact with those sidewalls by pressing quite deliberately before I smooth. I'm sure you will find these tips the answer to your problems. 8)
Thanks Geeg!

The pressing and then smoothing is my problem. I am just pressing in the center and then smoothing down the sides like you said! I will be more consious of pressing more now! :salute:

Thanks to all of you! This is a wonderful site! Thanks to the Geek for posting on the Nail Tech Website. I never would have found it otherwise!
As they say press for success !!!!!!!!!!
love Ruth xxx
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