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Sharon Green

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Jun 7, 2003
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Hey Guys,

Just been looking thru my Creative Training information booklet and I was wondering if I have to be qualified in manicure already to do the Spa Manicure training? Does this also apply to pedicure training?

One more I need to be qualified in silk/fiberglass already to do the Fabric# conversion day?
... to do Creative Spa Training, you need to be certified in manics and pedics!! These courses DO NOT teach bone structure etc - they are to train you how to use Creative Spa the most effective way to create the best manics & pedics out there!! GOOD LUCK ;)
Well love, I would have thought and Mrs Geek will put me straight on this if I got this wrong !!!!!!
If you have a valid Certificate for Fibreglass or Silk Enhancement, then you should be fine......
A Conversion Course will not teach you how to apply enhancements, health and saftey and tip blending..........A conversion course will show you how to convert from one system to another system, but you must know how to use a Fibreglass/Silk System in the first place...........

With L&P conversions, you must hold a recognised Industry Certificate for one year......... So I think Fabric# conversion will be the same...............

If I am wrong please don't shoot me lol.............just get me drunk lol

love Ruth xxxxxx
So, do Creative do the basic mani & pedi courses? I can do the prep, cuticle work & filing but I did not learn the bone structure, massage etc that I should be able to do for a full manicure/pedicure with my home based course.

Any suggestions? I intend to do the 4 day foundation early next year.

Im due to do the Foundation 4 day course with Creative next month. After this, I am going to do a manicure and pedicure course(s) offered by a different company//college etc, as Creative Nail do not do manicure or pedicure courses. They offer the SpaManicure/SpaPedicure classes which act as conversion courses, to teach you how to use their products, not to do a manicure/pedicure etc - as Samantha has already stated.

After I have been trained to do manicures and pedicures, 'outside' Creative, I'll then do the SpaManicure/SpaPedicure classes, as I LOVE the SpaMani/Pedi products and I want to be 100% Creative trained!
Cant meeping wait :D

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