Creative Training in North East???


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May 19, 2003
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North East
Hey Everyone,

I am new here.

I am a qualified Acrylic nail tech, using salon systems profile Range, however i dont think my training was that good or in-depth, so i would like to train with creative.
Does anyone know how much it costs for the full Acrylic course, or the conversion course??

Do you get any products in with your course??

Can you pay in instalments??

And last but not least, is there a creative training centre anywhere near Washington, Tyne and Wear??

hi ther e i use salon systems products also ,ther is creative training in newcastle i cant remember the dates though ,
the training was in a hotel maybe some one knows

There definitely Creative training available in the T&W area.

Please call the head office number 0113 275 5719 and ask to speak to an Academy Advisor who will answer all of your questions and send you information too.
Hi suzanne
You need to contact CND to answer your quesions its 00112750433
You do get a starter kit and a nail trainer with the course it may cost a little more than some nail courses but worth every penny.
I do know they do a conversion course but i think you have to be qualified for 12 months, yours best of ringing them there very helpfull.
By the way, both telephone numbers are correct.

The 2nd one is a more direct line and will take you straight through to the Creative Nail Academy Advisors.
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