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tracey louise

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Nov 5, 2006
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ive just bought the nsi technicolors and there doesnt seem to be any colour chart with it.can anyone tell me what they got with theres.its says colour matching guide on the sticker thats on the front but thats it:confused:.thanks for any replies.:)
you should get a small booklet with all the different colours that you can create and it tells u the ratio that is needed, u should also get about 4/5 scoops and a couple of empty tubs....

If its not all there i would get on them they will prob send you one out, there are really good at NSI and very helpful..........HTH, hun.
thanks pam.the contents are different to what it says on the interent.on the front of mine it says it includes 9 mixable colored acrylic powders,crystal clear powders.opal shimmer,4 mixing scoops and 4 mixing jars.i have everything apart from the guide,i only have 3 mixing jars but i think thats because they gave me an extra snow white.i phoned them and they said they would send me the guide out today so that i get it tommorrow.they are so helpful and polite.i think there customer service is excellent.
Just so you know, the colour chart has nothing suitable on it for doing a custom blend. HTH


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