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Sep 24, 2007
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Fife, Scotland
Friend of mine who currently uses Dermalogica in her salon is thinking of moving over to Collin. She still likes Dermalogica but their customer service has been terrible so is thinking of changing.

I am sure someone out there in the Wonderful World of Geek :cool: uses Collin and would know what their customer service is like, can you help? :hug:
That doesn't sound good! I would definately talk to my Dermalogica account manager or area manager about it first.
She has and they have offered her 6 more months as a new client.

She is still not happy, they did not tell her that her area rep had changed, she did not know till the woman turned up. She has been asking about what gift ideas they have for Christmas the rep did not know! When she had her launch she ordered extra samples two weeks before and they did not send them out until the monday after the launch. She gets the feeling that they are only interested in salons and spas that have a large turnover. :irked:

Also you can buy Dermalogica on e-bay, etc. You are not supposed to be able to and the rep said that they are working on it, but not hard enough obviously - have you seen e-bay lately there is tonnes of the stuff. :irked:

I think she will probably go with Collin, she has had some samples and met with their rep and said that their customer care appears to be much better, she was just wondering if anyone else had dealing with them and was happy/unhappy coz she does not want to go down that road again. :hug:
Maybe they are different here in Canada, because we have had excellent customer care.

As far as Ebay goes.... that is hardly the fault of Dermalogica, you can find practically everything on there.
i would just like to say I'm with Dermalogica and I'm a one man band so not a big spa or salon and they treat me so well! If the area manager is new she should at least be given a chance what a difficult thing to start.

Again I agree, you can hardly blame dermalogica for being on ebay - show me a brand that arent!

Becki x

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