Customers bought their own tan machine!!


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Oct 23, 2011
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West Yorkshire
I've just seen on fb that the daughter is looking forward to using their new spray tan machine, who wants one?!
These are the palest family I have met so can imagine a few of them being satsumad by morning lol
I've just commented telling them 'Good luck with that'
Don't get me wrong I'm all up for people broadening their horizons but seriously they have just bought a machine, no training which also means no insurance!!!
I've just had a call from 3 of their family members making an appointment with me, at least I've kept some :)

I feel quite miffed, would you be? Xx
There's loads of them around here. I don't let it bother me any more. Let them be orange and streaky i say :D
someone was selling one "only used once" on a local FB page where I live... I did chuckle to myself - "used once" means "tried it and realised it was harder than it looks and I turned orange!!!" - not "It was so fab I decided I could never match the same results again"... I'm just waiting to see it come back up for sale ROTFL
personally i wouldn't of commented to be fair, as that makes it look like your bothered... (although I can see why your annoyed.)

It's actually not the girls fault I say as they are readily available for anyone to buy.

She probably thinks tanning isn't difficult (which realistically it isn't all that difficult) I know before I trained I thought arr this is going to be a piece of pee! :eek: but we all know it's not quite as easy as it looks, so she's most likely going to be getting a bit of shock when it doesn't turn out perfect like she probably thinks it will lol x
Aldi had an air spray tan machine for sale either this week or last week for £17.99 😳 imagine the results with that!!!!
I saw the aldi offer & thought how many idiots are going to waste there money on that. It looks pretty shoddy as well. Good luck to them I say.
I wonder if I should put my card in the new Aldi opening in the next week or so in our town ROTFL... I suspect there will be a few people looking to have a proper tan after trying it themselves ;)
Omg as if Aldi was selling that! Might put my card in too xx
Cheap spray machines might cost you a few clients, but those clients will burn their machines up if they think they are going to go around tanning everyone. Just be sure to provide the most professional service possible. I am slowly starting a professional mobile business with the Fuji I just ordered. What made me want to start my own services? I finally decided to try an expensive personal spray tan after several bad mystic booth jobs over the years and was thouroughly disappointed. I did a better job on myself with aerosol "tan in a can", and that was the beginning of this new venture. I plan on eating up this chains market share by offering extras that they don't like pre-tan prep with exfoliant wipes and CT aloe primer. I will be using the same brand that hooked me on sunless tanning as a patron. I am using what I feel is the best brand I have tried. That is why it is easy for me to take advantage of people who want to "Do it themselves." I will sell them all the tan in a can and sunless lotion they want, I am buying it at 1/2 retail, doubling my money! Heck I might even start buying the cheap machines myself and selling them for $100 extra, they are way cheaper in units of four if you order from Japan. Make your own portable spray tent patent and sell the directions to those customer/business stealers. Trust me, if you are better they can't take that much of your business.

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