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Jan 19, 2009
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I know I've seen it on here, but can I find it? Is there a video anywhere because I can't find one, not even on you tube, well apart from using it with gel.
kinda tells you how and what to do on their website... FRENCH WRAP


1. Cleanse and prep the natural nail.

2. Trim and shape the natural nail, push back cuticle and remove all non living skin from the nail plate.

3. Size the DD for every finger nail, if in doubt go slightly smaller than larger.

4. Lightly buff the nail with a 240 to remove shine..remove and dust and cleanse again.

5. Apply the adhesive to the sides/corners of the natural nail and also on the entire color band of the DD French inside the applicator.

6. Apply the DD to the nail one at a time making sure that the french color is flush to the natural nail free edge..AVOID any overhang..(remember these are not tips and offer no strength...so there has to be a nail underneath)

7. Hold DD in place and press out from center to sides of the applicator..do this 2-3 times on each nail.

8. Use nail clippers to clip the applicator tab and release the color band.

9. Wipe off any excess adhesive before it dries with a dry lint free wipe.

10. File the french color band that has been applied the nail gently with a 240 to align with the free edge of the nail.

11. Buff the entire nail lightly with a 240 to gently smooth the french band

12. Remove any dust

13. Apply 1 coat of the Base Seal to all 10 nails and leave to semi dry for 2-3 minutes

14. Apply 1-2 (i always do 2) coats of Top Seal to the nails and let dry...(this drys very quickly and leaves a super glossy hard shell on the nails)

I then apply some cuticle oil and I'm done.

I used DD on just one of my natural nails (didn't want to take all my extensions off) really pleased with it. What an amazing product.
oops just nearly broke the rules!
Just saw the price on the s2 website and i'm really shocked at how cheap it is.

I think I might have to invest.

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