Day 4 following Sienna X!!


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May 1, 2012
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Hello people,

First time on here! I had a SIENNA X spray tan on friday (my very first one ever!!!)

.............and I'm a definate shade of orange.

The solution used was 8.5... is this normal ?? :rolleyes:

Can anyone recommend another brand that doesnt fade in this way?


I haven't heard many good things about Sienna X particularly the way it fades! I would also think an 8% should not be orange!

I use Suntana and every single one of my clients loves it, there is no orange tones they smell amazing, fade well and if you do need to scrub any off it comes off in a flash! It is now all I will use on myself also.

I say give it a try :biggrin:

I am a trainer and sales consultant for Sunless our solution fades of like a natural tan and non of our solutions have an orange look! If you would like some free samples please in box me your address.
And I use Nouvatan and haven't had any comments that it comes up orange ;)
I use Glotanz. 8% fades away like a natural tan, I'm very fair. I have had a 10% and didnt fade too well on me but on darker skins I find it does. would recommend highly.
I think different brands are different on everyone though as I had Sienna and it didnt look orange on me and that was 8%. I think the way a tan fades can have a lot to do with how its looked after as well.
But Glotanz for me!

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