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Feb 28, 2006
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Hi Everyone,

I've been to see a lady for more info about renting a nail desk in her hair salon. I've done my research and it is most probably the best salon in town.

I was told when speaking to the owner on the phone last week that the girl who rent the beauty room is doing the nail treatments at the moment, as the nail tech left, but she is also leaving soon.
Today, I've been told that the beauty therapist might now be staying and she will keep her own nail clients. She offers OPI Mani/Pedi & Shellac. She will also get the clients on the days I wont be in and if I am busy with a client already.

Is this fair though? As I was told to begin with that she is only standing in at the moment so the hair clients dont have to go without nail services, until they find a new nail tech.
I will be offering OPI Mani/Pedi, GelColor and Callus Peel. She said it will be beneficial for me to offer Enhancements, which I would in time but at the mo dont feel confident in doing them, so will look into further training with OPI.

Should I really have to be competing though? Everyone knows Shellac by name and if a client is having another beauty treatment in the room upstairs it would be easier for them to have a nail treatment up there instead of coming down to the salon where I will be.

Any advice please? Would you go ahead when there is already someone established in there offering nail treatments?

I have a trade test there on Thurs so would like some of your opinions before then please :)

Thankyou muchly!!xx
I think if your gut instinct is telling you NO, and you have doubts before you even start, then it isnt going to be too long before it really starts to irritate you. You can see a potential problem already. Who says its the best salon in town? Why is it the best salon in town? Why can you not go somewhere else and be the best nail tech in town? good luck with it, ,but my personal opinion from what you described would be to steer well clear. sorry hun, good luck with whatever you decide
Thanks Kizzycat,

I do have doubts, but this is the first time I've looked into renting a space so I wanted other opinions just make sure I wasnt expecting too much/being unreasonabe!

Like you said, I will be better looking for somewhere else:lol: xx
I totally agree with kizzycat. If you're paying room rent, how are you supposed to take a wage home aswell unless you have all the. Ail clients, also what happens if you see someone for GelColor and then the next time they book you are busy so they then give her shellac? It's unprofessional and confusing for the client...clients like continuity and building a rapport with them is essential to them coming back to you ! I rent s room in a hair salon and would leave if they decided to take someone else on. Good luck with whatever decision you make xxx

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