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May 13, 2004
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Montrose, Scotland
What do you guys think?

Am looking to do a manicure/pedicure course, and because i trained with NSI, i automatically looked there first. They do spa ritual which looks very nice and classy, but am unsure whether my clients would be able to stretch to the prices id have to charge to use those products or retail them for that matter. :sad:So........ was talking to a trainer from another company and she said 'why NSI?' and I explained I thought it looked really professional keeping everything under the 'NSI' banner and prefered it myself when technicians use the products they are trained with...

she said... that she had spoken to lots of beauticians/nail technicians and they had said that the customers prefer to see different products, cause then it looks like you've done your research and you can then find a product that suits your market.

Its also difficult as there are not a lot of courses availiable in the North of Scotland. NSI charge £495 + vat for spa ritual manicure course & £250+vat for pedicure which i also think is a bit steep?

Sorry for lon thread, just wanted to explain myself properly, and advice/experience would be appreciated. X
There is a Creative Academy in Aberdeen, where you could do Nails Naturally manicure & Nails Naturally Pedicure. These courses use the Solar manicure products for manis and Raw Earth for pedis.....and you could always go on and do Spa mani & pedi at a later date.

I don't have the Aberdeen phone no...but if you call CNA Scotland on 0141 774 5999 they would give you further information re dates and availability and even the direct number.
Then you can weigh up your options.
Just realised i've put this in wrong forum, should be in Nail Geek. Could someone move it for me please? Thanks

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