Digital wax pots - which ones?


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Sep 11, 2009
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I use 4 large analog wax pots (1000) and am thinking of changing them over to digital as I find the analog ones don't maintain a consistent temperature (hence having 2 warm wax and 2 hot wax pots on the go so that if one is too hot I can use the other one and then it is comfortable for the client). Can anyone give me some advice on which digital ones are good before I spend all this extra money please? Any advice welcome.
I have a hive double pot digital heater - one 1000 pot has warm wax and the other 500 pot has hot wax. It's been fine, has a lid too and both pots can be set for different temps etc or just one on at a time. I went for the double one as I do mobile and didn't want to carry 2 separate pots about, they do do single pots though in 500 and 1000 sizes. Hive pots have been around for years and get a good review on here. Hopefully you won't need to have 4 pots on the go with the digi ones.
I used to use phd system - loved the hygiene aspect of it but did so much waxing that I got through lots of tubes - which are quite expensive once you add in delivery etc - so wasn't as cost effective as the pots are.
Hive have their own site, and Ellisons and Beauty Express sell them too.
The pots seem to keep a good temperature, and they have a fast heat up setting too which is useful.
Hope that helps.
Choccy x x
I'm happy with Hive too x
Hi Choccycake,

I see you use the dual hive digital heater. I'm thinking of buying this one soon. Can I ask, does it travel well? No spillages, weight etc???

Many Thanks

Pauline x
Hi Pauline
I've not had any problems with spillages, although I only have the warm wax 3/4 to a half full. The hot wax about the same. I think because it is quite wide (about a foot long) it tends to be quite stable and the lid covers both pots with one lid which doesn't slide about. I put it in a plastic box with strips, spatulas etc just in case though - but no problems so far. It is heavier, but also more sturdy feeling too - needs to be carried when hot with two hands if that makes sense, although once in carry box its fine. It is quite easy to keep clean too.
Hope that helps.
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Thank you Choccycake. Really helpful, out of interest have ever seen a strap bag to carry it or do you use a box.

Thanks again

Pauline x

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