do any of you use Virgin Vie products and if not why


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Jul 6, 2007
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just been lookin in a virgin v book and they seem to have quite a nice product range but mainly for home use rather than proffesional me thinks. Was wondering if any of you use the products
Hi, I used to be a Virgin Vie Consultant. I think they have some lovely products and I still love and use them. I even have some in my professional make-up kit.

However, I have been doing quite a bit of research lately as I am about to embark on a beauty therapy career. My research is tending to persuade me to feel that Virgin Vie products are not considered professional by most professionals in the make-up and skin-care industry. This is my opinion based on my research. Other peeps may have different views. xx
I have never used the products personally at home but have had a virgin vie facial before and to be totally honest I didn't like the products also I noticed no difference whatsoever in my skin afterwards.

I remember reading a post on here about avon being sold by therapists/technicians and it being a bit hypocritical (sp) and when I thought about it, that is imo very true. As therapists we are taught the benefits of pro products so shouldn't be selling/using OTC products. jmho
I worked in a virgin vie store years ago, the products are lovely but i would not really recommend them for professional use.
I used to do VV but didn't consider their products to be professional at all. Sorry that's just me.

Did a facial on a lady and she said it made no difference to her skin and her skin felt no different - in comparison to another facial I did which made a difference. Don't rate it personally it's very pricey.
I've used Virgin Vie products on my skin in the past and although they were very nice, I wouldn't consider them to be professional in any way, shape, or form. I've used professional products on my skin since then and the difference is huge.
HI, I was lucky enough to borrow a consultants kit bag, filled with lots of potions, as I did think about becoming one of their consultants/using their products on my clients.

I didnt think much to their products at all. Some of there makeup products are okay though.

But thats just my opinion

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