Do you always trim the Natural free edge before enhancements ?


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Sep 14, 2005
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Now I have been wondering about this as I dont,
I will shape the free edge, but dont often trim them short,
Most of my clients dont have long natural nails anyway, and I sculpt most of the time lately.
But is it best to more or less take the free edge right down before sculpting?
I do have problems with fitting forms sometimes, especially on clients who dont have a perfect curve to the natural nail...which as we know is 99.9% of them :lol:

So would it be better for me to do this,

What about when fitting tips, do you remove pretty much all of the natural free edge ?

thankyou xxx
I do NNO if they have any free edge....i explain the benefits of them being more wearable as they can gradually get used to the length growing at a natural pace rather than leaving me with nails they are not used to and possibly breaking them.

It proves very popular...when they return in 3-4 weeks they are amazed at how there OWN nails have grown and how lovely they look. By there 2nd visit they have the length they would have had with tips.......and breakages are very few and far between.

They never leave disappointed as once the white is on they automatically look longer anyway....its an optical illusion..:lol:

If i was to sculpt or tip then yes i remove most of the free edge.
It depends on the length of ALL 10 nails, if I can get away with doing an NNO.
If I'm sculpting, it depends on the curve of their own nails.
Usually, they only need to be filed a bit. There's only been the odd one who's shape was so bad, I had to trim it right down to get the form nicely fitted.
It's a case by case basis. But more often than not, I just file them into as nice a shape as possible, so that they can have an NNO as soon as possible without any french white. I avoid shortening them.

hope this made sense, haven't finished my morning java yet:lol:
If a NNO isn't suitable I do tend to trim the free edge right down.
I may be wrong but this is based on my own nails which do grow very wonky.
I just find it easier to fit a tip or sculpt with quite a short free edge
We were taught on the creative foundation course to take the free edge right down if tipping and then take the well area of the tip right down too.

However on the workshops I did recently over here they showed us to leave the free edge length and just shape and not to remove anything from the well length of the tip (using velocity tips)

Doesn't seem to have caused any problems and save a whole heap of time!
As a sculptor I never feel the need to file down, the quicker the natural nail grows to the same length of the enhancement,i.e.after a few rebalances the better, more adhesion, product has more surface to bond to and enhancements look much more natural, especially behing the free edge.

If client soaks off, then is the time to file smoothly, when going back to natural!

The time saved in prep can be great, especially if you're always busy.:)
I prefer to take the free edge down because I think it gives a cleaner look - I do mainly natural tips. However I always ask the clients permission first as just occasionally they like to be able to see their natural nail there.
personally I like taking the f/e down wether im sculpting or tipping. I preffer to sculpt though. If the f/e is long enough i just do a nno

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