do you use a protective plastic sheet for waxing?


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Aug 8, 2007
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Hello everyone!:green:

My name is Kerry and i am just thinking about setting up a mobile beauty service.I have worked in salons for the last 14 year,as a manager for the last 7or8.I had a beautiful baby girl last May and havent worked since and now rather than going back in to a salon im thinking of branching out on my own now.
Doing lots of research at the moment,so would welcome any advise atall.
One thing i have been thinking about with waxing is do you take a protective plastic sheet to protect the floor of the client you are visiting and do you pre warm the wax at your home first before your go to your appointment and then just reheat when you get there.I was thinking of going with roller wax,less mess and ive used it alot in the past.
What does everyone else do??
Thanks guys
I used to use a big plastic sheet but I tend more to just put a big old towel down on the floor - I keep my wax pot in a plastic storage box too.
hi kerry

Yes I always pre warm my wax before i go to a client and take a protective sheet for the floor.

Hope this helps

is the sheet for under the your treatment couch then or on the couch? sorry im confused im also going mobile to do waxing as well as nails but havent thought this far! i have a treatment couch already with covers for it
i think i will definatley get a plastic sheet for the floor then,thank you:green:
I use a shower curtain and just put it on the floor and position my couch and waxing equipment on it. I think for insurance purposes you have to protect the floor to be covered. x
I used to pre-heat the wax then warm up at clients also.

I have never used anything to protect the floor as I use the ABC Wax system so its almost impossible to get any drips but if you were using a wax pot then yes I would use something to protect the floor.
It's worth checking your insurance policy conditions

In the BABTAC policy I'm pretty sure there is a clause that mobile techs need to protect floor surfaces etc.


Hi Kerry

I am a mobile therapist and I always put down a sheet to protect the floor. I also warm the wax just before I go (if its possible,sometimes I go straight from another client) If not the first thing I do is put the wax on! Then set up the couch etc, you normally find that the client has a bit of a chit chat anyway so that gives the wax plenty of time to heat. If the client is having 2 treatments which includes a wax I do try to do the other treatment first where possible, again this gives the wax chance to heat.
Dont worry about this though, the clients understand that as you are coming to them extra time is needed for all these things. xx:)
I am a mobile therapist in wiltshire, so if i can help you with anything please let me know:hug:
good luck mate
Thank you gemma thats a great help and im sure i will have more questions in the future.
Where abouts in Wiltshire are you?:)
Thank you gemma thats a great help and im sure i will have more questions in the future.
Where abouts in Wiltshire are you?:)
Hi Kerry
I live in Marlborough, I have just sent you a private message xx
Hi, I use PHd waxing as there is little of chance of spillage and its also easier to transport around as everything is within the unit and the tubes have screw on lids, it only takes about 15 mins to heat up which allows you time to set up the couch and room, have a consultation if new client or if they're regulars just a general chat to see how they are are getting on with the treatment, its also the perfect opportunity to talk about the other treatments you offer ! In regards to the sheet I use an old owel between the couch and the waxing unit just incase I have one of those days !!! Hope this gives you some ideas and good luck ! :hug:
Couch roll for under the legs & peice for under your feet.
Large dental bib for under shoulders,neck & head.


Plastic sheet for under body on bed
Shower curtain for floor.
We use the Clean & Easy Waxing System.
Easy to transport-Heats in approx 15 min-Clean, mess free finish.
We have the hot & strip wax in pots but don't transport these.



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