Does anyone use Agera?


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Apr 19, 2009
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does anyone use agera and what is your view of it? i have started looking at it as am interested in there chemical peels, how does it retail?

I'm sorry I can't help, I'm also looking into peels so it would be interesting to see what anyone else thinks.

Kerry x
i was looking for info regarding agera, i use only yourx for skin peels customer service is fab and products are really good too x
puramed proffessional peel and aha/bha skincare line now have a uk distributor medi spa uk they also have a scottish distributor aesthetique in dundee pm me and ill give you there contact details
I work for a aesthetic surgeon in Manchester and we have this skin care range, there are two ranges, a medical version and a salon version. If you need any more info on it, let me know. I have used the Medical skincare for several years and the peels too.
Catherine :)
The agera rx skin peels are variable in their results on clients. (obviously you need to be a Dr/Dentist/or Nurse to be able to use the Agera Rx range) some clients it worked brilliantly on. others not so.

However the skincare range was pretty popular.

I think dermarolling has taken over from where skin peels were...

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