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Aug 11, 2007
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Hi girls, I've just started my nail business - I'm going mobile and working from home. I've yet to get any clients as I've just ordered a bunch of flyers/price lists/business cards etc and am waiting for them to come so I can do some leaflet dropping and making myself known in the area. Anyway, I am doing a wedding fayre this weekend with my mum who sells tiaras and wedding accessories and I'm going to advertise myself there but I wanted to do my own nail enhancements so I can show potential clients my work - I've done them in the past but as I am right handed I can never do my right hand cos I find it really difficult holding the brush with my left. Has anyone got any tips on how you do your own? I don't want to do a rubbish job on them for obvious reasons!!
I have plenty of spare time to do them but whenever I have done them, they never seem to look as good as when I have done them on other people.
Any advise/suggestions would be great!
Hi & welcome,
I find that when i do my own nails i really take my time when doing my right hand, try to hold the brush lower than what you usually would do i find this easier:)
I also make sure that i am not going to be interupted or rushed so that i am not under pressure with time as then i tend to go wrong, I also find it easier to sculpt rather than use tips on myself i dont know why :rolleyes:
I am new to nails too, I did my own a couple of weeks ago, and found that it was best to do my right hand start to finish before doing the left, this way when you have to use your left hand to do the right, at least its free from enhancements and you can hold the brush a bit easier. Also, I did my nails "back to front", so instead of twisting your fingers round so the tips are facing you, I put my hand flat, and pushed the acrylic bead towards me with the brush, instead of pushing it away as you do when you do a service on someone else (if that makes sense!). I found that the hardest part was getting the tips on, and wasted a few doing that, but the rest was no problem . Personally I am happy to do my own nails for day to day wear, but for something more important I would get them done by someone else. Are you still in touch with anyone who you trained with who would do your nails for you?? They might not be nails that you did, but they would still demonstrate the results you get from enhancements
Thanks, I've got tomorrow free so I'll give your ideas a go. When I have done my own nails, I have always put all the tips on first, so I'll try and do my right hand first and concentrate and making them look good before doing my left hand - my left hand always looks fine so it really is just trying to make the other hand look good!! Only trouble is, when it starts going wrong, I normally just give in and try to finish them as soon as I can beacause I lose hope!!
I'm right when doing my right hand with my left ......I apply my product with no one bothering me .... (this hand always seems bulkier) .....but when I file ........I find it is easier and get better results when I move my hand/fingers instead of the file ...and can get in the crooks and crannies .....that I get when doing my " wrong" hand..........

Suggestion.....when showing what you can do at the fair. with your mom them both hands but for an up close look show your good hand.......
I don't have this problem :D
I don't have this problem :D

Lol Sam, nice reply - I seem to be able to do both hands without too much bother, I am right handed, but then again, I do eat as if I were left handed, and I can write with both hands too........Maybe im just a freak lol :green:
Lol Sam, nice reply - I seem to be able to do both hands without too much bother, I am right handed, but then again, I do eat as if I were left handed, and I can write with both hands too........Maybe im just a freak lol :green:
lmao francesXXX... they call it being ambidextrous :green:
I have no probs doing my dominant hand with my subservient hand (lol) I taught it how to write thats why!, by teaching your wrong hand fine motor skills you are in effect doing the same as you did when u were little and learnt to write... Your dominant hand can create nails perfectly cant it? no reason your wrong hand cant! you just have to teach it.... I started off by drawing smile lines on paper with my left hand, yup that simple and I studied how my left hander fiancée uses his pens, brushes etc, you actually do have to hold the pen/brush differently to get the same result (I found anyway) so now I am happily BI-Handed (lol)
If you arent doing tips this is a trick that usually works really well for me. First I do my right hand but instead of putting the nail form on, i put the gel on the form first as perfectly as I can, then I place the form with gel on my fingers one at a time this way, add gel to the actual nail and of course move it over the free-edge as well. If you need the gel on the form and the beginning of the free edge to be more together just add a tail of gel (white if doing french)across the seam as well.

I find it so hard to make perfect white or any free edge when the form is already on and I have had some beautiful nails on my right hand from doing this, its worth a try.Good luck at the wedding fair. Im sure you'll get lots of business from it.

Do one full nail at a time,curing and all, otherwise gel can run before you are finished each nail.
I am an ampi.. i can use my left hand nearly as good as my right.. I eat, play pool, all sorts of stuff with my left..

But i do find if i do my right hand first it is easier.. i spend more time on it and then when it comes to my left hand Im less likely to get frustrated!
You do hold the brush a wee bit differently.. lower and with more fingers.. Practise practise practise!!:green::green:
Take Your time when you do your own nails. I have been doing my own for sometime now and I alwys do my own when I know I have nothing else to do that day. (Or should I say for a few hours). Once you get the hang of it you will love doing your own nails. You might actually start doing your own all the time.

But practice make perfect!!!!
I also find it difficult but its a breeze if you do tip and dip. No bumps, cuts down on filing and you get perfect results.
Honestly, it takes practice. Over and over again. It's really the only way you'll get comfortable doing your "submissive" (LOL) hand. :) And sometimes I give myself a break and forget trying to do smile lines--I'll do a color blend/fade instead, or glitter. :) Or I might try to find someone who does a good job to do my right hand for me. But that's only happened once in the 8 years I've been doing nails. I just can't find anyone nearby who does nails the way I want them done. (read: FABULOUS. :D)
Morning, I'm going to go and try out all the suggestions you have given me now. I could be at my nail desk all day trying to perfect them so I will let you know how it goes!!!
Wish me luck!
And thanks again for all your great advice.
Right, I have finished my nails - it took all of 3 hours to do, although I did have a few breaks inbetween and my little boy kept asking me to help him on his Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix computer game!!!
They are finally done and look really good. I spent most of my time perfecting my right hand, mainly had problems applying the L&P and filing afterwards but I just took my time and tried not to get too frustrated. My left hand was a doddle as always. I'm still not 100% happy about my right hand, the L&P didn't go on aswell as it did on my left but only I can notice it!! And I know it will just take more practice, but atleast I can got to this wedding fayre and show people what I can do.
So thanks everyone for your help and advice and if I can sort my camera out I will post a pic of my hard work and labour!!!!!
When it comes to doing my own nails, I always start with the "wrong hand" first so that when you get to your "right hand", it's a so much easier.
Hi Karen, I did that and I found it alot easier. I usually put tips on both hands and work my way across but I did my right hand first and I was able to concentrate on perfecting that hand first. I would normally apply the acrylic to my left hand and it would look perfect and by the time I finish my right hand, I would be sooo frustrated but I was very calm and took my time this time!!!
I think its going to more time to get them looking exactly how I want them but I don't mind because I love doing nails!!
It does take a bit of getting used to, but patience and practice is the key :hug:

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