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Feb 2, 2010
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tyne and wear

Why does my gel look dull after I have wiped off sticky residue?

Doing my head in:sad:
Could be a number of things.

Brush contamination, gel contamination, lamp bulbs need to be changed, etc.

Also, what gel brand are you using? Make sure you use the right product to wipe off the residue with.
this is often caused by undercuring, is your lamp the correct one to use with the gel you are using?
or are the bulbs new enough?

or are you wiping it well enough and with the correct product after curing ?

or could it be that it is not a 'finishing' gel ? if its not, it may not be as shiney as you would like it to be.

i use lechats protech top gel over all my enhancements. it doesnt need wiping and cures in any 9 watt lamp to a high shine that lasts.
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what brand of gel are u using?

Some gels dont finish to a real HIGH SHINE (calgel / Bio) also they need you to use their own specific brand products to remove the inhibition layer or they dull even more !

If its a file off gel I say it could be either undercuring, or too little gel applied maybe.

Do you have the correct lamp for your system...and are you following cure time instructions?

Amb x
And then sometimes it is just an issue of getting all of the dispersion layer off the first time. It may feel like you have it all off when it is first damp with your remover, but sometimes it really takes some scrubbing to get it all off. You might try using some oil and a terry towel to buff a little, this will tell if you are not getting it all off or if the gel is actually dull.

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