Earnings....how much did you earn yourself in the begining?


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Jul 13, 2006
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Hi Geeks....

I have just gone through my books to see how much I have made since I became Self Employed in this industry....I qualified in Nails with Creative Last June, and then Manicure/Pedicure last september, and also Spray Tanning, after much practice I took a 50/50 job in a salon.....I was there between Nov and Jan, it just didnt work out so from January I have been working for myself. I have also moved house trained in waxing, lash tinting, lash extensions, facials, make up, massage and hair extensions, so there were some months that I was busy doing my training and therefore made less money as I didnt have the time to do treatments...SO.....figures.....in total I have made £1100, business is picking up I can see that in the last 3 months I am busier and busier (thanks to a local rag add) So what I want to know really is what fellow geeks think, what were you earning in the early days? Do you think this is a bad figure and I ought to quit while Im ahead or do you think its a start....opinions please!! ( I can take it dont worry!!):lol:

Don't know if this helps but i've been doing beauty for ten years, 8 years employed earning no more than £7.50 an hour.
Been self employed for the past 2 years renting a room in a salon my takings are about £450 per week, or £1800 per month but 40% of this is paid out to cover rent/stock etc.
I'm due to shortly open my own salon, my mum is also a beauty and holistic therapist so the salon should then take double this amount as she'll work full time too. also hope to gain income from one part timer doing a bit on reception and the odd treatments, and also hope to get more income from sales of Dermalogica products, Bare essetuals make up jewellery and tanning stuff, but obviously there will be more outgoings than when I was just renting a room so..............i'll never be a millionair but will earn more than just working in a salon employed. No don't give up it just takes time!
Thanks these early days are hard I guess but then I am very stubborn and will stick at it!!
when i got my 'books' back from the accountant i saw how little i had made!! i am mobile and have been working for myself just over ayear. i am a bit dissapointed but fimgers crossed things are getting busier and im planning on doing lots more advertising from now untill xmas. a friend of my dads said businesses usually dont make any money in thier first year - im not sure if this is true?? i would eventually love to open my own salon but the way mobile is going i will have to wait and See!!

tori x

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