eek! wish me luck!


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Oct 24, 2003
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I am off to the hospital in about an hour to have a 'nose job'...eeek!
Actually i am having a mole type thingy removed from my nose, it has been getting bigger so they are going to take it off (just in case!)
My children call it my 'witches wart!' (bless!)
Really really nervous and just wanted to tell someone!
Hope to chat later, i will let you know how it goes :cry:
you'll be back before you know it - don't be nervous it will go fine. all the best
Oh love you will be fine get your self a big bar of choccy for when you get home for being a good girl for the doctor.

Hope all goes well
Take care Dawnie xx
You'll be fine hun

Take care and get the choccy for later :green:
good luck!
you'll be out be4 you know it

Good Luck Dj, Better to be safe then sorry with these things ;)
Tiz done!
The injection hurt BIG TIME and i felt yukky when i was having it done and also afterwards but apart from a numbish swollen nose with a plaster across feel ok.
Thanks for your kind words on means a lot to me...x
Hey you will be just fine, take it easy and rest loads now te he he that means others doing house work and all the yucky jobs ha ha ha.
Grace x
Glad to see you survived your ordeal. I`ve had a few moles removed now and I absolutely hate it cos I can`t be number for longer than 5 minutes. Don`t know why, I blame me dad cos he`s the same, lol. So by the time they`re sewing it up I can feel everything. I couldn`t tell you that story this morning but I can now, glad its over for you though.
Hey Denise,
So its just me now who looks like Worzel Gummage :rolleyes:
Well at least I'll be easy to spot at Olympia ... while you madam will just look like everyone else :lol:
Hope youre feeling better and that the hooter is not too sore this morning!!!
Chat soon xx.
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